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    Laurel or Lorelei

    Which of the two do you prefer and why?

    Laurel feels more earthy and mature, Lorelei is more whimsical and ethereal. I'm torn between the two.
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    Lorelei... It looks more complex than Laurel and (you may not like this answer), I was a huge Gilmore Girls fan.
    Aside from the fandom, just name wise I do prefer complexity.

    As a teenager I wanted to name my child Lorraine but I hated the 'e' on the end and liked the 'au' better so I thought about butchering the spelling to Laurain. *ugh*

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    Both are nice, but I prefer Laurel, because:

    a) I like Hazel, Opal, and that ends-in-l sound.
    b) I like nature names, as you can see from my two examples above, too.
    c) It's simpler to spell and I always brain-blank on whether it's Lorelai or Lorelei

    But Lorelei has the mermaid myth, which is interesting, and doesn't have "resting on your laurels" so there's that.

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    I LOVE Laurel (the plant) it's gorgeous so I have that association. Plus I think Laurel is more usable in real life.

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    I prefer Laurel. It has a more earthy feel. Lorelei is still very associated with Gilmore Girls (at least to me). I like the sound that Laurel has, and I especially like that it sounds more unique, while still being a legitimate name.

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