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    I didn't know with my daughter, but the guesses were pretty split with a lean towards boy. I went back and forth through the pregnancy with what I felt, but maybe thought boy a little more.
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    Funny we all seem to be leaning boy! I'm having a harder time with choosing a boy name and the in-laws all want a girl ... So for whatever reason I sense it's a boy!? Would be ecstatic with either!

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    I keep having a dream that it's a boy and everyone is telling me boy, so as of 9 (ish) weeks I say boy!
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    I feel like this one is a girl, and I have from the day we found out I was expecting. At a 12 week scan though the sonagrapher ventured a tentative "boy" guess. But I feel in my heart that she was wrong. I still say girl! Hubby feels it is a boy, but family says girl. We will see soon enough! Only one week until our 19 week anatomy/gender scan
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    I'm 12 weeks now and not sure at all, my husband things its a girl were as his friend thinks its a boy. Once I've had my scan and seen its face ill maybe decide but not finding out so will need to wait till March to see who's right
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