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    Wink Help me choose a middle name for Clark


    My husband and I just found out we are having a baby BOY! yay! We have already decided that his first name will be Clark which is my family name. I am having a hard time coming up with a middle name for him though. We are pretty open to everything right now!

    My favorites so far...
    Clark Hudson
    Clark Oliver
    Clark Andrew
    Clark Evan
    Clark Owen

    Do you prefer any of these names? Any other names you want to throw out?


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    I think you're having trouble because the strong 'k' ending and single syllable give Clark such a finality, it sounds better as a middle or surname. I do like it as a first's just hard to find a name to follow! What's your surname like? Maybe something that just provides a link/continuity.
    Clark Alexander
    Clark Gabriel
    Clark James
    Clark Everett

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    Andrew and Oliver sound great with Clark! I love the name : ) Here are some more middles:

    Athanasius (this may be a bit extreme, but I think it's the awesomest name in the world)

    Names you should probably rule out because of the obvious namesake:

    Hudson (Rock)
    Anthony (Mark)
    Gabriel (Gable)
    Twain (I threw this in to be thorough)
    Raphael Severus Percy Mercury Arthur Vladimir Fox Peregrine
    . . . . Rafa Pip Dart Fox . . . . . . . . .
    Marguerite Ophélie Elisabet Valentina Catherine Xochitl Aliénor Francesca
    Meg Sabet Cato Léu . . . . . .
    Lavender Felicitas Miuccia Immaculée Alceo Willem Balthasar Jannes

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    I love Clark. I like Clark Hudson and Clark Owen, but I feel like Clark needs a middle name that's at least three syllables. Hmm...

    Clark Evander (instead of Evan?)
    Clark Solomon
    Clark Gideon
    Clark Theodore
    Clark Adrian
    Clark Benjamin
    Clark Matthias
    Clark Josiah
    Clark Sebastian
    Clark Gabriel (this was a great suggestion)
    Clark Nathaniel
    Clark Harrison
    Clark Nicholas
    Clark Finnegan
    Clark Elliot
    Clark Everett
    Clark Donovan

    As another poster mentioned, Clark has a very "final" feel to it so you need a longer middle name to balance it out. Otherwise the name feels too abrupt or choppy.

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    I think Clark sounds better with mn's beginning with a consonant. Middle names that begin with a vowel like Alexander sound like one long one (Clarkalexander).Since Clark is a short and abrupt one-syllable fn, I think something softer in the middle spot would be fine.

    Clark Nathaniel
    Clark Raphael
    Clark William
    Clark Thomas
    Clark Benjamin
    Clark Daniel
    Clark Francis
    Clark Jeremiah
    Clark Samuel
    Clark Donovan
    Clark Tobias
    All the best,

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