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    Surname help??

    So my SO and I are planning on getting married, probably in about 2 years when I'm done with grad school and things are a little more stable.

    We've decided we want to change our surname. There are a lot of reasons for this. He isn't close to his family (as in, they don't talk... don't ask.) and he doesn't feel a lot of connection to his family name because of this. I've never really cared for my surname, but I also don't really care for his either. I'm also a big feminist and I probably wouldn't change my name to his anyway, but hyphenating causes a lot of problems with the future kids, blah blah. So long story short, we're creating a new family with a new name. It's an unusual one, but since we've decided I've heard about more and more people doing it, and it just feels like the right one for us.

    It's obviously early and we have some time, but we've started tossing some names around. We both have German heritage, love to travel and read.

    We've discussed Beckett and Dietrich, but the only one we've seriously considered is Rainer. I'm from Seattle and I love the rain, and there's apparently a character he loves with the surname Raynor. The fact that it's German makes it even better.

    I know this is long and not everyone will agree with our choice, but does anyone have any suggestions/ideas? I love the berries, so I hope you'll help!
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