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    Exclamation Helllllp! Can't agree on a name!

    I'm due with our first baby in December and my husband and I can't agree on a name. Basically he thinks everything I like is "too weird" and I think everything he likes is too plain/boring. Not BAD names, just nothing special.

    Our last name is Markowski. We haven't discussed middle names but I'm hoping for Jenks (it was my middle name until I changed it when I got married, my grandmother's maiden name, and the name of my mom's baby before me who died).

    I have my heart set on Otto. I think it's perfect. It's a real name (as in, not made-up). Short, easy to spell/pronounce. No crazy nicknames (that I can think of). Flows well with Markowski. And it's adorable!! My only concern is I guess it's a little "out there", but I love it. I do not want a trendy name. Or a boring one. I like traditional, but not super common.

    He hates it. Wants nothing to do with it. Thinks I must be joking. He says it's a dog name. Or worse, he says it's a nazi name. I think part of the issue is he's afraid his mom won't like it, but frankly I don't give a crap what his mom thinks.

    The thing is, there's no name he feels strongly about. He's mentioned Ian and Blake, which I don't like. The only ones we agree on at all are Owen, which I love but it's getting way too popular, and I think is too Irish for Markowski, and Charles (Charlie). Which is a perfectly fine, good, solid name- but kind of plain and nothing special.

    I also like Otis, Hugo, Milo, Theo, Hugh, Jenks (call him Jack), Henry (but too popular), Linus.... He hates them all.

    I'm being stubborn I know, but I can't see myself being happy with anything but Otto. He says I'm being selfish by forcing a name on him that he doesn't like. I say the baby should have a name that ONE of us loves, rather than a compromise we both feel "meh" about.

    Does anyone have advice in how to get him to come around? Or meet in the middle?

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