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    Amelia and Miriam are ok, but... Millie and Miri??

    Hey guys, it's me again.

    Along with Fianna (see other post) we're still considering Miriam (this spelling, thanks for all your input). However, my husband just pointed out that since Amelia's (our daughter) occasional nickname is Millie, Millie and Miriam might be too close for sisters, especially since Miriam is likely to be nicknamed Miri or Mimi... Bummer!

    What do you think, should this be a deal breaker or is it not much of an issue?

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    The names themselves aren't that similar, so I don't think similar nicknames matter, especially if you only call Amelia Millie occasionally. There are so many other nicknames for both, and Miriam is such a beautiful name it doesn't seem like enough reason to nix it.

    Amelia: Amy, Mimi, Lia/Lea, Mia, Allie, Mel, Meli (like Meelie)
    Miriam: I actually know one. She goes by just Miriam most of the time, but also by Miri and, mostly, Mir. Mir & Millie do not sound too similar to me. Mia and Ria could also be potential nicknames.
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    If Millie is only an occasional nickname, I don't think it's an issue. If it were a name she goes by exclusively, that might be a little much, but since it seems she's mostly called Amelia, I don't think it's an issue.

    BTW, I love the name Miriam and the nicknames Mimi and Miri!
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    Ok, I could live with this. Amelia does go mostly by her full name since we're not really nickname people. Miriam would lend itself to Miri or Mimi very easily though, I'm pretty sure of that. My husband is not fully on board with Miriam at the moment, but hopefully I can get him to go with it.

    Other names on our list (although, truly, it's mostly my list since my husband is really only fully on board for Evalyn, which I don't really feel):

    Any other suggestions that you think could fit both our styles? Also, any middle name suggestion of Miriam? Thanks!

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    Miriam is gorgeous and I hope you manage to convince your husband!
    I'm not the hugest fan of Evelyn (it just sounds dated to me), but Miriam Eve is stunning. Miriam Alexandria is also beautiful.
    Other names you might like (though I still prefer Miriam): Ariel, Magnolia, Valeria, Elsa, Esther, Thalia/Talia, Nora.
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