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    Do you remember the first names you ever picked?

    I know many of us name-lovers have been at it for years and years before the birth of a single child. Our tastes change over time, and that's part of what makes this process so addictive and fun. But do you remember how it started for you? When you were a young teenager daydreaming about a someday family, what were the very first monikers you loved?

    Are any of them still on your list?

    Any that you completely and totally hate nowadays?

    What changed?

    I still remember the first few names I picked out:

    Morgen Rose (spelled Morgen to match the German word "morning", with a meaning of morning rose) - do not like this one at all now
    Lily Anna - still pretty enough, just a bit simple and popular for me
    Trinity Lynn - too... I don't know, country? these days

    All word-y names; I don't think I was much for subtlety at that age. And all for girls, as I could not find a boy name I liked for the life of me. Eventually I fell in love with Liam, and was content with that for years, until it began to rise so quickly up the ranks.

    I had a phase all about hippie names (Clover, etc), and then I swooned over Grace, Charlotte, and Katherine/Katharina for a long time.

    Nowadays I've made my peace with many boy names (a sign of maturity, surely!) and favor uncommon classics. I still have a soft spot for many of my old favorites. It's just that my personal style has changed since age 12, as usually happens. None of the names fell from favor because of bad associations, really- though many new ones have appeared because of wonderful people that I've met. Popularity has been the only other kicker.

    I'm now 24 and actually hope things won't shift too much before DH and I try for babies, because the names we have selected now feel very right.

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    These are the names I liked in the order of when I liked them...

    Pre K:
    Lena (Lee-na)

    Elementary School:
    Antoinette *Netta*
    Eloise Mae and Emmeline Lou *Ellie Mae and Emmy Lou*
    Lily and Lulu

    Sixth Grade:
    Anabel and Phoebe
    Story Ryan (Ryan as a girls name)
    Calum Willoughby

    That leads me up until I discovered nameberry and my favorites have pretty much stayed the same since then.

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    I found an old journal not too long ago where I created a family with 10 children. I was attending a church at the time where the pastor had 10 children, and I just thought it was the most amazing thing in the world.

    I was young (maybe 9), so of course my fictional mother had my own name, but I did include some interesting choices for the children. I can't remember all of the names now, but some were:


    and twins named Maggie and Molly

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    I have a video of me at about three years old insisting that my name is Tiffany. I was obsessed with the name Tiffany, which was my babysitter's name and she was the coolest person I could think of. I also had a bit of a crush on my friend's older brother, Jason. So my two favorite names as a kid were always Tiffany and Jason.
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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    The names I liked back then were very opposite of what I like now...


    The only name that I still like that I used to back then is Natalie
    Maddox (Max) James 08.31.13.

    Boys Favourites: Holden, Theron (Theo), Aidan, Killian

    Girls Favourites: Rosalie, Lucy, Lyra, Isla

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