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    I'm pregnant with a girl and have a very similar story, and also the poor relationship with my mother, and she had a poor relationship with her mother. I was relieved when I found out I was pregnant with a son last pregnancy. This time, however, knowing what it is like to have a baby regardless of the gender, I know without a doubt that I will be very happy with my girl. Once you give birth and have some time with the baby, you will realize that the gender doesn't matter. It just doesn't. Something very special happens.
    Now, is that to say I don't still have a hard time imagining it? No, it's really hard to believe. My parenting in general doesn't compare to that of my mother's parenting of me, and I have no doubt that this will continue when I have a daughter. Do I get warm fuzzies when she is moving? Not always, and in my first pregnancy I felt like I had a strange baby alien fish in my tummy. Nevertheless he came out and I was in love and in absolutely bliss.
    Aside from this, I have had very few close female friends, too.
    How can you know you will the way you are 'supposed' to feel? For me, I was always extremely caring and nurturing towards animals, and I always thought kids were adorable but didn't have nurturing feelings for them. If that is anything like you, I urge you not to worry. The only regret I have this pregnancy is that I already know how amazing it is to fall in love with my baby so it won't be a surprise this time.

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    I'm really nervous about the idea of having boys, I have three sisters and the vast majority of my cousins are girls so growing up I never spent a lot of time with boys. I'm a nanny to two boys and their behavior and areas of interest sometimes seem so odd to me. I don't understand how their little brains work and that unknown freaks me out a bit.
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    Even though I want both a boy and a girl, I have a hard time picturing me with a son. I've heard taking care if a boy is easier than taking care of a girl. Can anyone vouch for that? lol
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    I always pictures myself with a daughter and I still would prefer a daughter, but if I had a son, I know I would still love him. The problem with boys for me is I don't know what to do with them. I'm all woman, lol! I played barbies, my little pony, Sailor Moon was my hero.... I don't know anything about Thomas the train or Batman and Robin. I get along better with my husband's nieces than I do his nephew. Though it could just be that I think his sister is a bad parent and take it out on the boy. Plus that boy got me sick twice (he has sneezed, rubbed his icky hands on me and coughed on me)! So I avoid him at all costs.

    Even so, we plan on trying for a girl using the shettles method, Chinese gender chart, and baby girl diet. I want to at least try, (I like to joke that I'll probably end up with twin boys after all this), because if I don't try then I would always regret it. If I do try and "fate" just wants us to have a boy, then I'll know that we're just destined to have a boy and I'm sure I'll manage to know everything about Star Wars and Superman.

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    I'm a nanny, and from my experience (generalizing, of course) boys are WAY easier than girls.
    I only picture myself with boys, but I definitely want daughters if I have kids. I grew up with almost all boys though, so it makes sense.
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