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    I intended on going paci free, but decided I like my sanity better

    I'm kidding. But, my daughter isn't great at self soothing, and has difficulty falling asleep. She'd fall asleep with my boob in her mouth, but no matter how gently I unmatched, she'd wake up. If I give her the pacifier, she'll go back to sleep.

    Really we only use it when trying to get her to sleep, or in the car. I'm hoping I can begin to teach her to self soothe soon.
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    Neither of my kiddos would take a pacifier. We endured some good screaming fits (especially in the car), but it's definitely doable.
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    If your baby isn't very interested, I wouldn't offer one. It really just depends on the baby I think... some babies are good at self soothing and don't really like paci's. Others need them immensely. We know a couple that decided to go paci free during pregnancy and when their baby was born, he was very needy and absolutely could not soothe himself, he cried ALL THE TIME. Literally, from birth to about 9 months old, the kid just cried. He would eat and be ready to fall asleep but he just couldn't manage it and ending up crying himself to sleep or using his Mother's breast as a pacifier (which irritates me beyond belief) They never budged on the pacifier thing, and he's about 17 months old now and still cries when a stranger enters the room.

    I was always one of the staunch "no pacifiers after 6 months old" kind of people but Rowan still has her paci at night and when we're riding in the car. She is asking for them less and less and I believe eventually, she is just gonna give them up altogether. She realizes they are for sleeping and keeps them in her bed. I don't think they hindered her in any way, she has always been a great sleeper because of them.
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    I have twins and they always had completely different opinions on pacifiers. Maddie detests tem and it took ages to convince Jamie to give his up. It depends on the child but I say try to go without if they can bare it.

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    My little guy just wouldn't take one. We were really happy about that for a while, and then he found his fingers.
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