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    Break It To Me Gently...

    OK Berries,
    It's like this: Our former #1 girl's name was Margot Bertrice, but for some reason, it just isn't feeling like the 'right' name anymore. (Please feel free to roll your eyes.) I don't know how to explain it, but that just isn't the name for this little person. (And YES, I KNOW we don't know the sex yet, but still...) Now, family names are REALLY important to me and I keep coming back to our current front-runner, Hazel Lillian. My one hang-up is our son's name, Harold Jonathan, nn Hal. I promise, I ALREADY know it is way too matchy-matchy for 99.9% of you reading this post, BUT, is it like the WORST of the WORST, or just sort of annoying? (See examples below)

    WORST of the WORST: Jerry and Carrie, or Hal and Val, or Willa and William, George and Georgia, etc.

    Sort of Annoying: John and Jane, Matthew and Molly, Kim and Kourtney, etc.

    Thanks for helping! Can't wait for this madness to be over...
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    If you love Hazel, go for it. (I don't get it, but I'm sure your little girl will be cute enough to pull it off ;-)

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    I like Hazel Lillian, they aren't matchy imo they just start with the same first letter. If you love Hazel then go for it. And for the record I think that Hazel Lillian is a very sweet combo. If you are truly worried about them being too "matchy" you could always name her Lillian Hazel.

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    Hazel is a beautiful name, but Hazel and Harold would annoy me a lot. I'm the kind of person who can't stand even slightly similar names for siblings though.
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    I don't think its that bad. They wouldn't have the same short form or nicknames.
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