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    Smile Need opinions on girl names

    Hi berries! I am new to posting here but have been lurking for quite some time. I need some opinions/insight and figured this was the best place to get it.

    We are due with Baby #2 on 10/12. We don't know what we are having, but if it is a boy we are all set on a name. However we have been going around in circles with girl names for months.

    Background info: My son's name is Jackson. Yes, I know, extremely popular. I had no idea when I named him that it would turn into such a big thing. Our last name rhymes with "Feeney". And the kicker...the middle name (for a girl) HAS to be Gail, as it is my Mom's name and we already told her we were going to use it. We are big on family names. Right now there are 3 main choices:

    Eleanor- This was going to be my sons name if he had been a girl. I had no idea it was going to get so popular. I still love it and am not overly concerned with popularity (whereas we already ruined that with having a son named Jackson) but don't like that if we call her Ella/Ellie (likely), there will be a million of little girls with her name running around. Also am not crazy about the flow of "Eleanor Gail", might be a bit too 'old lady' for me.

    Juliet- I have always loved Julia and my husband doesn't so we came up with Juliet. I adore it, my only hangup is the "J" initial as it's my sons initial too. I am NOT a matchy type of person and would prefer my kids to have separate initials. The name is just so beautiful though that I MIGHT be able to ignore it. Nn Julie.

    Rosetta- Believe it or not, this is our front runner lately. I am trying hard to convince myself that the "Rosetta Stone" association doesn't matter to me, but sometimes I think that it has to matter, it is so prominent. My husband and I both love the name though, it sounds gorgeous and old fashioned to me and I adore the nickname Rose or Rosie. Also, Rosetta Gail is charming IMO. I am fond of other Rose names but most won't work for us due to last name (Rosalie) or sibset issues. (IE, I will not have a Rosalind and a Jackson because of how weird the ending sounds are together).

    Other names I love but my husband has vetoed: Lillian, Ruby, Charlotte, Marigold, Annabel, Emmeline Oh and we both love Beatrix but I had to nix that due to nn/last name (Bea Feeney...nope)

    I know my tastes are on the trendy side but go easy on me! I like what I like. Anyone think one of our top 3 is the obvious choice? Or shall I scrap them all.
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    You have some lovely names on your shortlist. I'm going to use two criteria: how they sound with your surname "Feeney" and how they sound with big brother Jackson. Just curious: do you call Jackson by his full name or does he answer to the nn Jack?

    1 Rosetta Gail - I think this flows well together and with your surname. Jackson has a Southern vibe too and I think Rosetta has the same feeling. Have you considered just Rose? Yes, Rose Gail is short but Rose "Feeney" sounds fine to me.

    2 Eleanor Gail - this combo has the vintage charm. I like Nell best for a nn. There aren't many Nells around compared to Ellas and Ellies. You could also use Nora as a nickname option. Nora "Feeney" has an Irish vibe.

    3 Juliet Gail - I love the name but it's in third place for two reasons: (1) it shares an initial with Jackson and (2) Julie "Feeney" isn't ideal.
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    I love Jackson! I think he's a great choice sounds so southern and cool. I also like that your using your mother's name 'Gail' despite not being a 100% keen on the name myself. Family names are so important. You've got a great taste! Also none of your name choices feel 'obvious'!!

    Eleanor- Eleanor is gorgeous she sounds so elegant, feminine, and strong. I think Eleanor is a lovely choice, I also like the Ellie/Ella nicknames but if you don't you could use Lena, Nora, Nell, Lea, and Nellie. But I agree maybe Eleanor Gail is slightly 'old-lady' I think Gail's first name needs to be a name that ends in an 'a' like Isadora for example or has a romantic sound like Isobel.

    Juliet- I also love Juliet! Juliet is such a romantic name with strong Shakespearean connotations. Juliet is a beautiful name she sounds so perfect. I'm not keen on the Julie nickname but I love Jules as a nickname for Juliet. Maybe the 'J' initial is limiting next to Jackson for future children but still she's lovely and I'd just go for it! Juliet Gail has a great flow as well.

    Rosetta - I actually really like Rosetta, yes of course there is the Rosetta Stone association which due to how popular the language courses are is strong but then again why let that ruin the name?! Rosetta is adorable she feels so strong, fiery and has this delightful Italian sound. I love the whole vibe of Rosetta. I think Rosetta Gail sounds great as well. I also love how Jackson & Rosetta sound together.

    From the names your husband vetoed I literally love them all expect Ruby which I find harsh and unattractive.

    Viviana Gail 'Viviana & Jackson'
    Delfina Gail 'Delfina & Jackson'
    Alexandra Gail 'Alexandra & Jackson'
    Sienna Gail 'Sienna & Jackson'
    Eloise Gail 'Eloise & Jackson'
    Emilia Gail 'Emilia & Jackson'
    Louisa Gail 'Louisa & Jackson'
    Penelope Gail 'Penelope & Jackson'
    Theodora Gail 'Theodora & Jackson'
    Anastasia Gail 'Anastasia & Jackson'

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    I think Rosetta Gail is the best combo. It flows the best, it's very uncommon but still familiar, and I think it goes well with Jackson. Eleanor and Juliet are both excellent names, but they don't have the best flow and are gaining popularity quite rapidly. I think any of the combos could work, but Rosetta Gail is my personal favorite.
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    Thank you so much for the responses! I truly appreciate them and take a lot of stock in what you all have to say.

    Mischa- We call Jackson by his full name, not Jack. He just turned 3 so that might change in the future but for now he is really a Jackson to us. I have tried it once or twice but he always corrects me saying "mama my name is Jackson" I considered Rose but don't like the sound of Rose Gail, too stunted IMO. I too like the nickname Nell/Nellie for Eleanor and would certainly try to get people to use it over Ellie/Ella, if we went with Eleanor.

    Tori- I totally agree about the first name for "Gail", it has to be something more feminine/romantic sounding. Gail isn't my favorite name either (by a long shot) but I decided long ago I wanted to honor my wonderful Mother in this way, so I am trying to make it work. I love the suggestions, Viviana and Theodora are lovely. I'm glad you don't think the Rosetta Stone association ruins the name.

    Elliebean- I agree, I do think Rosetta and Jackson sound great together, which is part of why I am drawn to it. And it sounds fantastic with Gail, much better than the other 2.

    I am still leaning toward Rosetta! Afraid to tell any family/friends though as ALL I will hear is "oh like the Stone?"

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