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    What do you think?

    Hey Berries!

    So I have been trying to decide on a few new combos; but since I like two middle names I find it quite hard - plus I also imagine that when I get married, my husband will use a middle name to honour his family.

    So these are the ones I am liking so far:

    Clara Emmeline - (Prn. Clair-UH Em-UH-line) Clara honours a good friend of mine as her middle name is Clare, I love the connection to The Nutcracker, it's an all time favourite and the first ballet I ever saw. One of my middle name is Emily, so it would been nice to carry on the name, plus my Mum loves the nickname Emme and I could see myself using this combo or a reversed version.

    Estella Pearl - This one isn't new, just a long time favourite. Estella honours childhood memories of looking out at the stars and remembering those who had passed on. So in a way it encompasses honouring all my ancestors. Pearl honours my great-grandmother and great-great grandmother.

    Elisabeth Day - I love Elisabeth, nickname Lissie, Ellie or maybe even Elsie/Else ! Elisabeth is a family name and Day is after a song that has significant meaning to me. This one feels vintage, but it may be a tad too plain.

    Mirabel Katerina- I like Mira particularly, but no one seems very fond of it. I also think Mirabel is very pretty, but its a brand of light bulb where I live. Does that matter? This was a combo I made up just then. Catharina is a family name, but I prefer this spelling.

    Miriam Aurora nickname Minnie - I think Miriam is very sweet, I met a girl with this name a while back and she was absolutely lovely! I adore Aurora, it also has family significance.

    Ida ? - I love Ida (prn. Eye-DAH) but I can't think of a middle name that works well.

    Ada - See above.

    Opinions? Any other suggestions? I particularly love Slavic/European names either short and sweet or long and romantic! Thank Berries
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    I really love all your choices. I think Miriam is underused. Mirabel is beautiful and I love the shortened, Mira. Ida Claire? Ida Mae? Beautiful as well. I love Ada too. My least favorites: Estella and Elisabeth. Good luck!

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    My favorite name on the list is Aurora! But my favorite combo is Mirabel Katerina! I think Mirabel is very pretty (even though I do prefer Mirabelle or Mirabella)! I think Katerina is much prettier than Katherine. I'm not a fan of Estella/Estelle, but I love Pearl! and Estella Pearl is very pretty. Good luck!
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    Clara Emmeline is just the sweetest combo. I love it and secretly want to steal it, but I have a cousin Claire so I won't
    Estella Pearl is also lovely, I adore nn Stella.
    I love the idea if Miriam Aurora, but always find Aurora to be a bit of a mouthful, I think it takes some of the innocence away from Miriam.
    I have a friend whose name is Nora Ada Jane. I think Ada Jane would a the sweetest simplicity or maybe Ada Evangeline

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