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    Sorry double post.

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    @Rollo she's only "evil" in later Arthurian fiction.
    This also is connected to the idea that she is Mordred's mother - though in earlier fiction is was her older sister Morgause.

    In earlier works she is often connected to a number of water related Irish and Welsh mythological figures.
    Her synonym Morgan la Faye clearly connecting her with fairy-like spirits and she was often referred to as a healer.
    She is rarely referred to as a women who needs a man to make her powerful or secure in who she is.

    In the 20th century feminists have been using her as a symbol of female power and spirituality. Marion Zimmer Bradley's "Mists of Avalon" and a number of other recent films place her back in the center of the Arthurian-ledgend and display her in a much more positive light.

    Morgana appeals to me because I see her as her old fairy-like healer image mixed with the empowered 20th century female image.
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    I love Morgana le Fay, I'll defend her to the stars and back .

    Lex covered the basics there. Morgana suffered from being overlooked and replaced. When her mama Igraine remarried, Morgana's stepfather Uther Pendragon placed her and her sisters in a convent. Here Morgana learned the magical craft, and she continued studying under Merlin. Uther married her off to a man Morgana didn't like (he was a big supporter of her half-brother Arthur), and Morgana started having romantic relations with men in King Arthur's court. Guinevere discovered this, and had Arthur exile Morgana from Camelot. This in addition to Arthur's Christian beliefs made Morgana plot against them and try to overthrow Arthur (Morgana still worshiped the ancient Celtic Goddess). A lot of what she did was really revenge for Guinevere's treatment of her, like sending the Greek Knight to Camelot, she only did that to scare Queen G. She did try to kill Arthur, but I'm guessing he was fairly annoying. Merlin didn't kill her, but he did cast an enchantment that controlled her magic. She was also one of the ladies who accompanied Arthur after he was wounded to Avalon. She was independent and super awesome. Sorry if this only halfway made sense, I have a baby on my shoulder
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    Belphoebe: I've never liked Phoebe too much, but Belphoebe is rather pretty. Not sure if its THE one with Aphrodite.
    Boadicea or Bradamante: I prefer Boadicea, but ever time I see Bradamante on your posts I love it a little more. There must be a reason that your holding on to it. Perhaps I'll soon see your love for it.
    Callisto: I fear that it may be shortened to Callie or Allie and loose it's uniqueness. I guess that could happen with any name. I really love her story.
    Cleopatra: I feel like paired with Aphrodite you go sharply in one direction and then with Cleopatra firmly in another. I do like the name, but find her story strange. She married her brothers and cheated with Cesar, then committed suicide. I also always think of Elizabeth Taylor being rolled up in a carpet. I do find inspirational that she maintained power the way she did. She was independent and strong. Something about Cleopatra, I don't know, not my favorite, but I can see why you'd love it. It's also a pretty sound and it looks pretty written.
    Elentari : LoTR: Don't really like it.
    Fiammetta: I've adored this name for a long time. The sound along with Aphrodite is gorgeous.
    Galadriel: The Gala sound reminds me of galaxy and galary. The Driel sound reminds me of Benadryl. It feels very medical and not celestial. Not a favorite.
    Guinevere: Along with Morgana,... I hate to say it, but you'll have to choose between the two. I think Guinevere is a prettier name, but many people connect it with Madeline, the childrens book series. I would stick with Morgana. Although she was wounded and at times seemingly crazy, she was stronger. Guinevere was known to beautiful but caused the fall of Camelot. That's a lot to live with. Despite prefering Morganas story, I prefer the sound of Guinevere & Aphrodite. I would hate to have to choose. Good luck!
    Iphigenia: Reminds me of a hamster. Don't know why. I really like her story. I like names that begin with I (I might be biased), I think it's very strong and beautiful. This name sounds gorgeous with Aphrodite.
    Isolde : I've always loved the Tristan & Isolde story more than Romeo & Juliets. I can't decide if I prefer Iseult or Isolde. I don't like how it sounds like "is-old". The "old" part disturbs me.
    Melusine: As a Luxembourger, I can't not love her story. I think it sounds beautiful with Aphrodite.
    Morgana: See Guinevere partly. I prefer her story and Guineveres sound.
    Olympia: Feels like a little much with Aphrodite. It feels long and regal.
    Pandora : Words can't express... Hope you have a little Panda one day.
    Silmarien: Makes me think of: silly marion. She's from Lord of the Rings. Putting myself in your D2s place, I'd envy Aphrodite. Her history is undeniable. Silmarien was pulled out of thin air.
    Tinuviel: see Silmarien. It is one of my favorite stories in LoTR.
    Verdandi:Reminds me of Verdi. The nn. Dandi could be very pretty. An intriguing name.
    Zenobia: Pretty, but small next to Aphrodite. She was known for a revolt against the romans. The name itself would lead me to envy my older sister Aphrodite's name. I just wouldn't. The nn. Zen is adorable though.







    I'm wishing you the best of luck!

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    Hello everyone, I am new to this thread (but I have read all of the posts!) So many beautiful, magical names.*Sigh*
    So I shall try my hand at this:
    Belphoebe, I love this name. I hadn't heard of it until recently but I have fallen hard for it
    Cleopatra, I love Egyptian History, or any kind of history really. It is such a strong and beautiful name plus the nickname options are adorable.
    Gwenllian, this name just gives me the shivers, it is musical and lovely all around.
    Isolde, this name has always been a favorite of mine and the mental imagery it gives me is stunning!
    Melusine, again, such a musically wonderful name. It just rolls off of the tongue so well and makes me want to go and write a song or something
    Morgana, oh, what can I say, this name is just perfection.
    Nimue, I like it but I prefer Morgana or Isolde
    Olympia or Polyxena, I like Olympia, still working out what I think of Polyxena...
    Pandora, I like this one as well but again there are others I much prefer.
    Tinuviel, I adore this name, especially since I am a massive Tolkien fan, and the fact that the name is still usable outside of his literature.
    Verdande, for some reason I see this as more of a middle name (it would make a beautiful one)
    Zenobia, I think this one is growing on me, but I have others that I love much more.

    My top five:
    1. Morgana
    2. Tinuviel
    3. Isolde
    4. Gwenillian
    5. Melusine

    I wish you all the best in naming your little bunny!

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