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  • Emma Valerie

    24 33.80%
  • Pearl Marie

    47 66.20%
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    My vote is for Pearl Marie.
    Emma is nice, but too common...and since brother has a sassy nickname, I think Pearl sounds sassier than Emma.
    Now if Valerie were in the fn spot, I would pick that. I love Val!

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    Emma goes nicely with Tripp. I vote for it because its such a lovely choice.Although I am not thrilled for Emma Valerie as a combo it's still pretty enough. I don't know why but Pearl & Tripp sound too close for me. And I find Pearl quite old in the first place. Now that i'am thinking it Emma Pearl sounds quite nice.

    Best wishes & Good luck :-)
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    This is hard, because try as I might, I just can't love Pearl as a first name. But.....Emma is soooooo popular. Honestly, I hear it constantly. I like Marie Pearl as an alternative.

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    Emma is too popular...but Pearl is a grandmother. Might you consider Valerie Pearl?
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