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Thread: A new find

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    Thanks for all the feedback! I have never seen cloudy with a chance of meatballs but its doesn't seem like too bad of an association for what everyone has said.... Right?

    @ missmolly, I completely understand the point of not giving a softer name to a brother of Flint. We currently have 2 girls, Vitalia (Vita) and Laurel. I'm not sure if we will have more or not but its a very valid point. Thank you.

    @ash, the Clint similarity occurred to me too. We would probably have to correct people from time to time. We are used to it though... Vita gets Rita and Laurel gets Laura a lot, we just correct and move on.
    Yes, Vitalia's name is derived from my grandmothers maiden name. Flint was apparently DH's family's surname before they came over on the mayflower. The surname they changed it to, and we still have, is absolutely nothing like Flint and they would flow nicely. I do hesitate because Laurel's first name is not a family name. Would she feel left out? All my kids do and will have family middle names though. I also like the nature connection with Laurel and Flint and Vita's middle name is Rose, so it carries through.

    Definite food for thought all around. One of these days I'll compile a short list and post it for thoughts but not yet. I'm afraid to fall in love w a boys name in case we have baby girl #3 baking :-)
    I'm even more lost on girls names though....

    Any other opinions are very welcome!!

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    I sort of like it (as a combo of Clint and Flynn) but I can't help but think of Flint, Michigan (which has been a symbol of the decline of the American auto industry) and also flint (the rock used to start fire referenced by bibliophile).

    All in all, not my style.

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    Flynn is so much nicer. To be honest Flint doesn't sound like a name to me.

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