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    My mum lives with us since her and my Dad split up last year, so yep - can't get much closer than that!!! She works full time though so Dominic will still have to go to daycare once I go back to work, she finishes earlier than my husband or I though so will pick him up for us everyday. She's so excited about him, it's really sweet. My brother also lives with us, and i'm sure while he'll be more than capable of looking after him, i probably wouldnt let him care for Dom alone to begin with, simply because while he's amazing with little kids he's never been around babies much.

    My Dad lives in Australia (i'm in NZ) since the split last year and its been hard for him because he really feels like he's missing out, but we email quite a lot. He's booked flights to come out mid November to meet his grandson.

    My in-laws live 7 hours away and we like it that way because even if they were 10 minutes away we wouldn't be asking them for anything. They don't care about the grandkids they've already got, so we have zero expectations of them.
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    How close by are your parents & partner's parents?
    Actually, we are currently living inside my parent's house. We ran into a financial catastrophe last year, had to declare bankruptcy, and our best option for moving forward and climbing out of that whole was to suck it up, move across the country and move in with my mom and dad. Mom and I have an up and down relationship and the house is small so it's a big sacrifice for all of us. And it hasn't been easy by any means! But it's really our best option so we're sticking with it. When I got my positive pregnancy test about 5.5 months ago, I told them instantly (their bedroom is right next to the bathroom where I tested, why bother to hide?!). And I have to say, they've mostly been pretty great through the whole thing. There was a definite adjustment period for all of us but for the last few months, our relationship has probably been better than it's ever been. Mom is so excited and happy about the baby that she's eased up on me a LOT. And dad is just happy too. And mom talks all the time about the "baby slush fund" that she's saving now - I think it's over $300. My parents do not have a lot of money, they live off a very small retirement and social security, so any help they give is amazing. We aren't paying rent (we wouldn't be able to) or any bills so even aside from baby, they're helping us immensely. They're wonderful people and we're very lucky! Once baby arrives, I have no doubt that mom wants to baby-sit as much as I'll let her and that they'll spend whatever they can on her. They're far from perfect but when it comes to this kind of thing, they'll give you the shirt off their backs.

    How much childcare help or financial help do they provide?
    Pretty much whatever we need I think. They're too old to babysit every day, I wouldn't want to put them thru that. But mom is beyond excited to take care of baby girl whenever she can.

    Do they help more of less than you assumed that they would?
    I always knew they would help in any way they can, that's how they've always been. I never would have guessed that hubby and I would need this much help at this point in our lives. But no one could have predicted the economic crash and all the crap that went wrong after that so it's just the way life has rolled out. They're doing more than anyone could ever ask of their parents and, like I said above, I realize how incredibly lucky we are to have them. :-)

    ETA: Oops, forgot to mention hubby's parents! We live in Las Vegas and they live in the southern Netherlands. So we see them once or twice a year. They also don't have a ton of money but they give us a little bit when they can and they've already bought Baby Girl plenty of gifts. If we lived in the Netherlands, I don't have a single doubt that they would happily provide childcare whenever they could (they sit for hubby's nieces and nephews all the time). So it's really just because of the distance that they don't help more. They're also really wonderful, caring people and will do whatever they can to help. Wow, hubby and I really are lucky! Thanks for the reminder!!!
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    How close by are your parents & partner's parents?
    My parents are at least 3 hours away by plane. My IL's are at least 7 hours away by car.

    How much childcare help or financial help do they provide?
    None and none

    Do they help more of less than you assumed that they would?

    We are 100% on our own here. It sucks. When I was growing up, I was practically raised by my maternal grandparents. My mother has NO idea how good she had it.
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    My mother lives in south Africa so I don't see her much but Nicholas's family were amazing. We we got married I was 20 and he was 22 and they let us move into the house they used to rent out. They're a half hour drive away so they love to drive over and baby sit for us.Its great for the kids, too.

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    How close by are your parents & partner's parents?
    My parents and aunt and uncle (they come in pairs) are 1.5 hours away now, but used to be 3.5 hours away.
    My Mother-in-law and husband's aunt and uncle are 3.5 hours away

    How much childcare help or financial help do they provide?
    my family is half retired now, since my mom got sick with cancer and my aunt took care of her. They've always helped out as much as they could. When our son was born, mom came out for a week, then my aunt came out for a week. My parents provided the first year of formula for my son. Now that everyone is healthy, they all come out for babysitting as long as we give them notice. And my sister has been the real godsend in that dept. They also buy tons of clothes, etc.
    My Mother-in-law came out to visit once, when he was 3 weeks old. She was Zero help. She doesn't do anything at all. She doesn't buy anything, and if we need anything, it does no good to call her, even though she has the $. She promises to come out when the twins are born, but has already said that she won't be any help.
    My husband's aunt and uncle treat our children like their own grandchildren. They take him when they're here or we're up there. Buy him stuff whenever they want.
    But it's my side that helps the most.

    Do they help more of less than you assumed that they would?
    Mine help out as much as I thought... and more than expected in some cases, like winter coats and stuff.
    My mother-in-law is so much less involved than I thought possible. Especially considering how long she had to wait for the DH to have a family. And she's getting all the boys that she wanted.
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