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    My mom lives with us. Dad lives about 15 minutes away, as does SOs mom. His dad lives about 45 minutes away.

    My mom watches Lillian twice a week for 45 minutes once and 1.5 hours once. She's 8 weeks, and she's also babysat twice for 2 or 3 hours.

    Financially they help a lot. We live with mom rent free and I drive a car she owns and pays insurance on. We worked hard to make sure we could cover the cost of living for our unplanned daughter, but since we've been able to live at home we can save a bit for her future and finish school.

    We also recieve A LOT of gifts for her. We still haven't bought a single diaper because so many people give them to us. The only thing I bought for her is the car seat and stroller, formula and things like vitamins and lotion. I'm not surprised our families have been so supportive and generous, but I wouldn't say I expected it.
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    To clarify, the financial help question wasn't about a need for money necessarily, I was just wondering what the norm is as far as gifts and financial contributions towards grandkids. Maybe "contribution" or "financial involvement" is a better wording than "help"?

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    My parents live in Norway! So two hours by plane, but they come to London often as they've got a flat here. Husband's parents are about two hours away by car, when we move they'll be 3 hours away. But my mother-in-law come to London quite regularly to visit us and her other son and his family who live here too, and then she stays at our house as we've got plenty of room. My mother-in-law is very helpful. When she comes up she basically takes care of my daughter all day long, so I can spend the day doing things I need (like sleep or see girlfriends). My parents are also very involved when they're here. They help out more than I thought, actually, I hope the novelty doesn't wear off when the second one comes along as we'll probably need more help, not less!
    Both sets of parents are very generous with gifts; we got the car seat, the pram and buggy, the highchair... and we'll get the double buggy we need when the new one comes along, new car seats, tripp-trapp chairs when they turn one. They're also very helpful giving us clothes when they come to visit, a little thing here and there, or nice books and my parents always brings Scandinavian wooden toys when they visit.
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    We're about 10-15 minutes from my mom. His mother lives about 2 hours away and his dad lives 5 hours away.

    My mom will likely watch our future children occasionally, like if we both end up having to work a Saturday, or for a date night. Neither of his parents will ever watch them. None will provide any financial support but I'm sure my mom will spoil her grandchildren by buying them things.

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    My parents are a 4 hour drive away, in laws about 10 minutes.

    My MIL is retired and helps out some with childcare already, plans on more when I start working again. She has been spending a couple mornings a week with her granddaughter so I can sleep in a bit...amazing.

    Financially- nothing as far as straight up assistance, but they're all sweet in wanting to buy things (like calling dibs on buying her a winter coat if we pick one out we like) or put money in her savings account as soon as we opened it.
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