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    Did you mom berries or moms to be experience....

    cramps on the intense side and bleeding? Not spotting but bleeding. I started getting intense cramps yesterday and had bleeding. It was brownish red TMI sorry. But it wasnt spotty is was pretty heavy flow. I rushed to the doctor and they said my cervix is closed which is good and they did blood work. They then set up an appointment Wed. to take another blood test to compare the HGC levels. Then the same thing happened again today, I woke up and there was brown spotty stuff and then it turned to heavy red brown to almost redish. I rushed to the ER and they did tests stating its intact, HGC is 98 and my cervix is closed. I am just really nervous we may lose this baby to Etopic pregnancy or miscarriage.

    Has anyone gone through this? I know there is no direct answer whether this is just implantation bleeding or could be losing the baby but hearing others peoples stories may make me feel better. This is my first pregnancy so I am just nervous.

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    I have had bleeding with this pregnancy and it was a placental bleed. There really isnt anything they can do about it before 20 weeks. I think after 20 weeks they try to give you medicine. So far even with bleeding everything is ok. I can feel baby moving at this point. I had bad cramps to the point of crying and having dh having to pick me up off the floor. I still have some bright pink or red blood every now and then probably about once a week and it scares me but I try to take it easy when that happens. All I can really say is try to stay positive dont have sex and schedule an appointment with an ob right away. If you say you are having severe cramping and bleeding the should get you in for an ultrasound right away.

    I don't know all the details but my cousin is a neonatal nurse and with her second baby her placenta was over her cervix like right on top and that caused bleeding it was a rough pregnancy and she was on bed rest at one point but she has a stunning little girl who is spunky and full of life at 3 years old now.

    I hope this helps some. you're in my thoughts.

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    I had cramping and spotting that I brought up with my OB. She told me not to worry unless it escalated to what you are describing. Brown/pink of almost any amount is ok, red is a problem.

    You don't say how far along you are, but it's not implantation bleeding if you've already tested positive. Implantation occurs within 6 days (up to 14 in very unusual cases, which should still be before positive HPT) of ovulation, and is usually minor.

    That doesn't mean you're losing the baby, it could be any number of things up to a threatened miscarriage. Check out the site misdiagnosed miscarriages for some stories like this. Sorry you're having to worry, issues early on are just the worst I went through something unrelated but also very stressful and I know the waiting is just the hardest part.
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