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    I think it's cute for the nearest & dearest. I did a mini reveal to my mom, grandmother & sister over brunch...I told them I would be showing up with my nails painted either pink or blue...and I showed up in Opera gloves in August! It was a fun moment. But overblown Pinterest style parties seem a bit much. I mean, bringing pink or blue cupcakes to work is cute, but making it into a huge spectacle is a bit much. I mean, my extended friends and family were already devoting a weekend day to my shower, a post- baby visit, ect...

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    When my fiancé and I have children I think I will probably either do a gender reveal party where everyone finds out because 1) I love parties and throwing them (I used to work part time as a wedding planner) and 2) We have plenty of family and friends around that would want to celebrate any and every milestone with us, or do a gender reveal photoshoot with just DH and I because my sister is a photographer and how fantastic would it be to show your future children how excited you were when you found that out about them... Plus we take photos for almost every occasion.

    I don't see gender reveal parties and baby showers as an either/or sort of thing. For one most baby showers are thrown for you by someone else and are typically women only affairs, plus where I live baby showers are almost a given as they are more a celebration of the baby and parents. Yes a lot of people do give gifts, but by no means does everyone register for the creme dela creme of baby gear. Meanwhile, gender reveal parties, at least to me, are more of a large party.

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    I think it's sort of a cute idea but it also seems a bit boring/overdone to me..but if someone wants to do it, cool. My sister is planning one around Thanksgiving, and they are doing the typical thing: doctor will write down gender, my sister will take it to the bakery, they will make the cake with the inside pink or blue, sis picks it up and...yeah. I'm curious to know what the baby will be but I'm not excited about the party thing..especially the cake..that seems a bit overdone.

    I doubt I would ever have one.. I already have some ideas on announcing my future baby's gender (nothing to do with parties lol)

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    I also saw balloons used and pinata's but you could always think of other ways of doing it also besides cake.
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    My cousin had one where only the grandparents and godparents were invited. They all found out at the same time. She cut a plain white cake, and on the tray it said "It's a Girl". The next day was Easter, so they filled some plastic eggs with pink M&Ms to tell the rest of the family. Anyone that wasn't family found out through Facebook photos of the eggs.

    I would want to do something kind of similar. I have never heard of a gender reveal party where gifts were expected. It was more of a show up and eat sort of gig.
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