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    Opinions on Shepherd please

    We just found out today we are expecting a boy! The only two names that I love are Samuel and Shepherd. Unfortunately, I know too many little Sam's. What does everyone think of Shepherd with the nickname Shep? I think it is friendly and and familiar without being overly popular. Please be completely honest! Good or bad, I want to know. Thanks!

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    I am in love with the name Shepherd. I don't mind the nickname Shep either, but I hadn't even thought of it. Shepherd has such a romantic sound, and there's a video game link too. DH & I are big gamers. Unfortunately Shepherd is off my list. It's the surname of someone with whom I have a very negative association. But, I do still love it.

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    Shepherd makes me think of the Bible. If you are OK with that connection, I think it is a great name. I love the nickname Shep! So much more creative than Sam. It also makes me think of the show LOST (Jack Shepherd), but that probably isn't a reference you will have to worry about too much! And congrats on your little boy!
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    I love both Samuel & Shepherd! I have to be honest: I strongly disliked the name until I met a little boy of the name a couple weeks ago. Now I think it's darling!

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    It's good to hear that other people like Shepherd too! Thanks for the feedback! The only person in real life that I asked said it sounded snobby. I was kind of thrown because I hear a warm and friendly name when I say it. I think of a really sweet kid who gets along with everybody. More opinions are very welcome!!!

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