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    Ooooh the boy list - yay!

    Beau/Bowen - I LOVE Beau. So handsome. Well it has to be when the meaning is "handsome" lol. Bowen just doesn't compare at all.
    Boone - Very "Lost".
    Deacon - It's alright. Makes me think of Reese Witherspoon.
    Dean - Love. Very classic.
    Destry - Looks like a misspelled version of "Destroy". Not a fan at all.
    Duke - A name for a dog. Sorry.
    Everett - I like it...but don't love it.
    Gunnar - Nope. NMS.
    Hawthorne - Really cute and dashing.
    Holden - Very nice, but you might get "Catcher in the Rye" associations.
    Jasper - Adorable.
    Lincoln - NMS
    Remington - A little hoity-toity for my liking.
    Rhett - Very "Gone with the wind" - I like it.
    River - I love River.
    Shepherd - NMS.
    Silas - This one is ok.
    Wade - NMS
    Wilder - I am really warming to this
    Wyatt - Love Wyatt!

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    Mrsantonyelchin: Thanks for looking at both lists! It's great seeing how someone sees all of the names.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
    Mrsantonyelchin: Thanks for looking at both lists! It's great seeing how someone sees all of the names.
    You're very welcome. You must be a Gone With the Wind fan if you love Rhett, Scarlett,Beau and Wade!

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    Favorite girl names: Lydia Jane, Irene Cecile, and Annetta Katherine.

    Favorite boy names: ???

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    Your list has a definite outdoorsy, cowboy feel to it. I like most of the names on your list so it was hard for me to narrow it down. Here's my top ten:

    Beau - Bo is one my favorite nicknames for a boy, so naturally I love Beau too
    Boone - I love the meaning, and I get very rich, woodsy imagery from this one
    Dean - I have positive associations with this one, it's just a great, masculine, overlooked name
    Hawthorne - feels woodsy and intelligent; nn Thor is pretty awesome
    Jasper - a personal favorite
    Rhett - I know a really cool guy named Rhett, plus I'm a Gone With the Wind fan
    River - I love river imagery; it's very calming to me
    Shepherd - there's a very peaceful feeling about this one; I imagine him being quiet, intelligent, laid back, very thoughtful
    Silas - this is one of my absolute favorites
    Wyatt - I just think it's cool

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