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    Maleia Pearl (Leila for short?) - I don't really like
    Isla Mei - I love Mei .
    Emi Laine - How about Emily Laine nn Emi .. My fav!!
    Kaito James
    Silas Kaede - I love Silas! Not a fan of the others..
    Aiden Elizan

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    I LOVE the idea of Emiko in stead of Emi, it sounds more sophisticated and we can call her Emi for short. I also like Miya and Jiro. Thanks so much for the input, everybody! I really appreciate it

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    Jul 2013
    I like most of the names (except aiden as it is so popular but I understand the Eurpean history of the name).
    my favorite are Maleia and Silas

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    My mum is Japanese and my dad is Australia. They named me Emi Marie and use to not like my name because I thought it was to different but now I love it

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    I wouldn't worry about your child looking like their name. I have bi-racial cousins who fit their name perfectly even if it jars someone at first to meet an Asian boy named Tristan or Riley.
    They will grow into their names. I really like Silas Kaito.

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