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Thread: Carden?

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    I'd do the kid a favor and just name him Carver. Carden is just strange, and I have a pretty good knowledge of Celtic/English names. Connor and Carter are more common but still better than Carden. Maybe consider:

    Craig ...or pretty much anything but Carden!

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    Aiven and Carden would be lovely together!

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    I have to say, Aiven is an awesome name
    I like the others on your list too, but I think they're too familiar with Aiven. So yeah - I vote Carden.

    Good luck!
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    I like the name Carden. I went to high school with a Carden and he was a great guy with lots of personality. It goes well with your last name and makes a good sib-set with your first son. If it were me I would go for it!

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    I've never come across Carden before, but I think it fits right in with the surname-turned-first-name trend of today. I think it pairs well with Aiven.

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