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    Anterior placenta and baby movement?

    Hey all,

    So I know it's later at night and that's when my anxieties always tend to get the better of me... but I'm really stressing tonight so I'm hoping to find some comfort here as usual. As of tomorrow I'm at the Week 22 mark of this pregnancy! I'm very happy and excited that things finally feel like they're really progressing.

    ...but everyone is continually asking me if I'm feeling her kicking yet and I'm not. And people look really alarmed when I say no. The perinatal doc said I have an anterior placenta so I know that means it's supposed to take longer for me to feel her... but I could really use some reassurance from a mom who's been there before. Did you have an anterior placenta - if you did, when did you finally feel movement? I've had a very tough, stressful last week or so and I guess that's making me worry even more about baby girl (ack, it's a cycle!!!). Thanks Berries <3

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