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    I don't get most place names. They either seem ridiculously obvious (Oh, you live in Brooklyn and you named your daughter that? How creative you are!) or trashy (most people named London or Paris. Are you ever going to get to either of those places?). If you have some sort of special connection to that place, and you really have to use it, please put it in the middle... or find another, more creative way of honoring it. You met your husband on a study abroad program in Rome? Romany is a great name, or a Roman mythological name, or hey, decorate the nursery in a way that reminds you of the trip, but please don't name your kid Italy. It has the triple whammy of annoying your friends, sounding pretentious and burdening your child.

    Sorry for that minirant... I'm done.
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    There are a lot of names I don't really get. I don't get the appeal of Rufus, but a LOT of Berries seem to like it. Same for Dexter. I'll just make a list:

    Hugo - It just sounds "yuck" to me.
    Silas - All I see is "silo".
    Milo - I like this name, but I just CAN'T picture it on a child. Especially since my cat is named Milo.
    Atticus - I don't know why I don't like this name, I just don't.
    Clementine - "Oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling Clementine". Actually a pretty sad song. :/
    Imogen - NB says the pronunciation is "Imm-EH-jin". That sounds like "imagine" with a weird accent. Plus, I've only ever heard it prn "IMM-uh-jean".

    Boys names for girls are something I REALLY don't understand.
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    Can't stand:
    Masculine or surnames names on girls.
    Wren, Imogen, Eliose, Olive
    ''made-up"/unique spellings. I just don't get it - if you want to be unique, pick a name outside the top 100, don't just change the spelling.

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    I don't intend to single anyone out and honestly can't tell you what members have used or love these names! Some of the names I really like have been mentioned on this thread already and, you know what, I don't really care lol! Clementine is one of them, and yes I'm not sold on it, but there's something about the name i am drawn to, plus it's on my boyfriend's family tree (along with clement, clementine's father), which gives it some real life relevance to me.

    Anyway, I don't get Arabella and most of the really liquidy, vowel heavy names for girls. They're too prissy sounding to me, but more than that (because I like some names that I'm sure others would call prissy!) vowel heavy names sound like sighs and whispers, not strong independent and down to earth women.

    Mainly, however, it's the god/goddess names that boggle my mind. I mean, I TOTALLY get loving one of these names. They're usually pretty fun to say, very evocative and have some amazing legends attached to them, got it. But when it comes down to naming an actual human being, with thoughts and personality, dreams and hopes and preferences of their own, and their own life to live, a name from mythology is putting a huge burden/neon sign on the kid. Who knows, they may like it. But it may also be an unending personal struggle. How difficult it might be to develop one's own self image when their name illicits SUCH a strong reaction and specific association to people around the world. Mythology names are a lot like brand names- successful ones illicit an immediate, pervasive image and reaction, possibly worldwide. I think there's being unique and being selfish. If a name like that is so strongly loved, the parent should change their own name, not saddle another person with it.

    And then there's the horrid misspellings of names, particularly in the attempt to turn audibly 'boy' names 'girly.' I just came across a female Dyl!n today and am still shaking my head. Dylan on a girl is one thing, not my style one bit, but hey. Playing Wheel of Fortune with the vowels in order to make it yooneek... Why?

    (whew that was a rant! How'd that start!?)

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    -- Annabelle. I really don't get it. It always makes me think of cows.
    -- Names that feel old ladyish to me, and not in a good way: Matilda, Agnes, etc.
    -- Real names that are horribly misspelled

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