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Thread: To boyish?

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    Erm, Ryan Sutton is definitely too masculine! I can get on board with Sutton on a girl, and I can get on board with honoring a Ryan, but I would do something along the lines of Sutton Rhiannon, or Sutton Rianna, or even Sutton Ariana/Sutton Brianna/etc. Or what about two middles, with a decidedly feminine first middle? Like Sutton Aurora Ryan, or Sutton Serafina Ryan, or Sutton Georgiana Ryan?

    Otherwise, Sutton Ryan and Ryan Sutton are all way too masculine, imo.
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    Yes it is too boyish because both the names are boys names

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    I taught a girl named Ryan, spelled that way, and thought she was a boy on my list, until I met her of course. She wore the name well, and I am open to it as a girls name. Sutton really isn't my style (it reminds me of the word mutton). I agree that Ryan Sutton would sound to masculine, especially with the Ryan spelling. If I were you, I would keep Ryan and give her a different middle. Not something overly girly if that's not your thing, but definitely a specifically girl name.
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    My feeling is that with any boyish name for a girl (including surnames), there should be an more feminine name paired with it in case your child grows up and doesn't share your sentiments about boys names on girls. My husband really really likes these boyish, surname-y names and so we've got a bunch on our list, but I am insisting on a very feminine middle name to 1) give her the option to change it if she grows up to hate it and B) to have a full name that, on paper, is clearly a girl, to avoid getting junk mail addressed to Mr. So and So. So, for example, one of our contenders is Monroe Katherine. Another is Sullivan Mary (nn Liv). So, all that is to say that I would try to find a more feminine form of Ryan to go with Sutton.

    Does your husband have a middle name that might be put into a feminine form?

    Sutton Rhianna
    Sutton Rhiannon

    At the very least, I would switch the names so that the more feminine one (Sutton) is first.

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    I like the suggestions of Rhiannon and Rhian as a way to honor Ryan.
    They've both got the unisex appeal you are looking for but are also more widely associated with female names. If Rhian sounds exactly like Ryan but has a different root... I'd use it.

    I like Rhianna Sutton or Sutton Rhianna the best but as you are looking for a more unisex name I would add an 'e' to Ryan/Rhian to make it more feminine. I think this is the french style of doing things? Ryane or Rhiane.
    Same pronunciation... people will be more likely to associate this name with a female
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