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    Quote Originally Posted by gabriela View Post
    Some good suggestions so far. I love Kate, but if you don't like Katie, how about calling her Kat instead? Or you could name her Katerina and call her Rina?

    Here are a few other options:

    Claire and Emma
    Claire and Sabrina
    Claire and Abby (full name Abigail)
    Claire and Emilia (or Amelia, whichever you prefer)
    Claire and Olivia
    Claire and Bridget
    Claire and Celeste
    I like Emma, Olivia and Abby a lot. But I'm trying to stay out of the top ten unfortunately. Celeste is one I hadn't thought of before. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmkmommy View Post
    Claire Elise is beautiful, feminine and classic. I'd stick to another classic name.

    Eloise (my favorite!)
    Eleanor (Ellie, Nora, Nellie)
    Katherine (Kate)
    Elizabeth (Ellie, Eliza, Libby)
    Adelaide (Addy)
    Lydia (Liddy)

    Hope that helps!
    Thanks! Adelaide is gorgeous. Is Addy really popular everywhere though? I feel like it is...

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    Addy's really popular. Blame Addison for that.

    I really adore classic names. I've recently made a list of some that go with Claire, actually, as I had Clare on our list.

    I had Clare with a list of first names including: Jane, Ivy, Opal, Mae, Zara, and Blythe. Wanted fairly traditional, but smooth and sassy. Most of those aren't in the Top Hundred - including Jane, actually, which always surprises people. Jane and Claire really remind me of each other - tailored and short, but classic and don't really date to a decade. (Can you tell I love both?) Rose works well the same way, it just wasn't on my list because I can't use it.

    Ivy works well if you fear the 1-syllable thing becoming a theme, or if there's a 1-syllable name you really want to use in the middle. Its 3 letters pack a lot of punch. Much more so than Ava or Mia IMO, as well as being less popular.

    For middles:
    I love the way Elise has emphasis on the second syllable. Other names like that, which I like, are: Simone, Esme, Noelle, Irene, Tamar, Celeste, Sabine, Renee, Delphine.
    If you go with a longer first name I would do a short middle: Blythe, Mae, Jane, Fern, Rae, Rue, Faith.

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    I've always thought Claire goes nicely with:


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    How about Phoebe and Claire?

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