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    Here it's really uh-a-lee-tuh. I speak Russian as a first language but Aelita sound like Romanian name, not Russian. It's very rare in Russia and Ukraine.

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    Thanks for the info mclevine!

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    I couldn't find Aelita anywhere. For Alita, I found these:

    Alita - Meaning of Alita, What does Alita mean?

    Behind the Name: Meaning, Origin and History of the Name Alita

    Not sure if that's helpful, but there it is anyway. Pretty name!

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    When I read it I pronounced it as Ay-leeta. Its beautiful when you spell it Aelita.
    If you like the pronunciation to be Eye-leeta, I would recommend spelling it Ilita or Ileta.
    If you like it to be pronounced like Eh-leeta or Ee-leeta, I would spell it Elita.

    Personally I love it as Aelita, and I like the pronounciation Ay-leeta and Eye-leeta. Very pretty name and loots just as pretty as it sounds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spiffylittlemouse View Post
    I was immediately reminded of the character on the anime Code Lyoko. I believe they pronounce it like I-lee-ta.
    No, they pronounce it the same and it mean "voice of protection"

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