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    Jane is so sleek and versatile--I picture a Jane as someone successful, with impeccable taste in everything. I like it.
    Calla is edgy-pretty. It has a slightly Bohemian, Manic Pixie Dream Girl vibe. I like it.
    Lilia is elegant, romantic, and melodious without being overly frilly or shallow-sounding. I picture a Lilia as a bookworm who likes nature and art. I love it.
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    Jane is pretty, feminine, and classic, but depending upon the person, it can also be rather... ahem, "plain Jane"
    Calla is slightly unusual, exotic. Feminine. There is potential for a lifetime of mispronounciation though (Cah-lla or Cal-la). I agree that it sounds slightly more like a nickname than a full name. Perhaps a nickname for Callista? Calliope?
    Lilia isn't quite my style. I guess I just prefer Lilly, Lillian, or Lila, but I think it's also pretty and feminine. The extra syllable trips up my tongue.

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    Thanks a lot
    Anyone else?

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    Jane- so classic and elegant. I think I slightly prefer the spelling Jayne (although I know adding Y's into names is not everyones taste) but this is mainly because its how my mum spell it.

    Calla- I like this but as a nickname. I think it seems more of a shortened name for Calista or something but I do really like it.

    Lilia- Stunning, love it. More elegant and less popular than Lily but it also has the opportunity to be shortened to that name if you so desire.
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    Jane - a classic name which is always in style
    Calla - love this name, its different without being too out there
    Lilia - such a pretty name!

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