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    Baby Naming Strategy

    I'm curious...

    Do most people have a single name picked out and ready for their newborn? Or do most people choose their top two or three and wait to meet their new little one?

    I'm due in August and have only one name that DH and I agree on for a boy, if she is a girl, we have 2 or 3 to choose from. I can see the pros and cons of both strategies. I'm starting to have "cold feet" about all the names, I think because we are getting so close!

    Anyone else start to doubt their name choices near the end?

    I would love to hear people's experiences! And my friends and family think I'm crazy for thinking about names so much, so I would love to hear from people who are interested/fascinated by names too! Thanks all
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    Good question.
    It's funny that as soon as I'm pregnant most names sound weird to me and I find it hard to choose. However, I have done it both ways; I've had a name all ready and I've had a list. I do prefer having a name all ready as with a list I start to second guess whether we've picked the right one! Hubby and I tend to create a list of names we like then we veto until we get to one we both like. With DD2 we were left with 3 and hubby let me choose. I spent a week wondering if I chose the right one...but 18 months on, I know I did
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    With both of our children there was one name for a boy and one for a girl that we had picked up since we started getting serious. Well honestly I had the girl name picked out from the time I was little and my husband agreed to it only if he was able to use his favorite choice for a boy's name. We have one of each so it was easy walking in with one name. I'm not sure what will happen if we have a third. I kind of like the idea of meeting the baby and seeing what fits but I also like to plan in advance. I'm not pregnant or even TTC yet I already am thinking about what to name a third.
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    We have done it two very different ways. With our eldest we didn't even consider any other name seriously and with our second we didn't even have a name list to take to the hospital just a bunch of names I liked and my husband hated. The first was so so so much easier! I'm 22 weeks and we find out tomorrow if we are having another girl or our first boy. If it's a boy the name has already been chosen but if it's a girl we don't have a single name on our list which is stressing me out!
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