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    Ezra or Reid? Xena or Aria?

    I've managed to narrow down the names to these four: Ezra, Reid, Xena (Zee-nuh), and Aria (are-ee-uh). The only problem now is middle names and choosing between the two.

    Here are some middle name options:

    Ezra Thomas
    Ezra Clayton
    Ezra Reid
    Ezra Michael
    Ezra Eric
    Ezra Eugene

    Reid Thomas
    Reid Clayton
    Reid Michael
    Reid Eric
    Reid Eugene

    Xena Grace
    Xena Rachelle
    Xena Jane
    Xena Mackenzie
    Xena Jennifer
    Xena Jenelle

    Aria Grace
    Aria Rachelle
    Aria Jane
    Aria Mackenzie
    Aria Jennifer
    Aria Jennelle


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