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    need boy names... like Emmitt, Sullivan, Easton, Sawyer...

    Hello there... I am about 5wks out from having my second set of twins. My 2012 twin boys were Emmitt Erving and Sullivan Archer—last name starts with Ar and is pretty german sounding. Emmitt passed at 5mos from SIDs and we decided to TTC when Sully was 9/10mos... Success! and we are now expecting boy/girl twins in September.

    I had trouble picking a girl name, but we are pretty set now in that dept but I need an alternate for our boy.

    #1 Ellis Ames
    Alt was Easton Ames but then I searched the popularity of Easton... not going to work for us anymore.
    Twin sister will be Reverie Rue or Alt: Rowan Rue.

    We like old unique names, often surnames, nature tied... a little off the beaten path but pronounceable and known to some extent.

    Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!
    Twin boys March 2012. Lost Emmitt to SIDs 8/12. Sully is my light.
    Spontaneous twins again Fall 2013! Boy/Girl this time!
    Thinking: Ellis Ames & Reverie Rue OR Eamon Bran & Rowan Rue.

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