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    Quote Originally Posted by saracita00 View Post
    Personally, I enjoy using the Nameberry editorials to reference a name I'm already researching -- because whatever opinion offered IS an opinion that exists out there, and it might or might not influence my choice. But, I also collect opinions from many, many other sources too (name bloggers, forums, friends, family, etc.), as well as historical information, name variations, etc. I do a lot of research The official Nameberry commentary is fun just for entertainment, too.
    Great post. I agree and especially like this last bit. Nameberry commentary is just an opinion but it is an opinion that's out there, and probably something that should be considered even if it doesn't actually change your choices.

    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    See, I disagree with this. If you're saying it, obviously you also think it. The "I think" part is assumed.

    I don't let Nameberry affect my opinion. I rarely look up names in the database, as Behind the Name is much more reliable when it comes to etymology.
    Yep, this exactly. There's a time and a place for eggshell opinions, but we're not on a political or religious board. "I think" a lot of the whining in this matter is hormonal

    I sometimes look names up on Nameberry if I just want a quick look at popularity or spelling variations or something, but I find the meanings to be off a good bit of the time. Though they are going for extreme brevity there, which isn't always possible.
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    I love the opinions offered. Even if I disagree with them they are a great way to find out how somebody else thinks about the name. I also find them interesting to read. However I don't think they would be a huge influence. If somebody was on the fence enough to be influenced then they might have changed their mind anyways or been swayed by family or friends.
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