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    Roxanne : After the comments I will not be reading the wiki but, congrats on your healthy baby and condolences on their vanishing twin.

    Yael: Nina is beautiful. I get the same vibe from Mila.

    Carla: I can't wait to see what you pick! You had some really pretty choices. I'm jealous. I want to feel him/her. My friends have said it's creepy but, I think it will be comforting.

    Missvalentine: Congrats on a baby boy!
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    Roxanne33: I am so glad you saw a heartbeat. I was thinking about you! I am so sorry you lost one of the twins. Yes, please stay on our thread! You're due date could be June 31 =)
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    Thanks ladies for the comments! I hope everyone is doing well today.

    @carla: What names are left on your list? Do divulge the combos!

    @yael: I really like Nina... Tatiana also has that European vibe to me as well as Sasha. Natalia? Just Talia? I agree with babyninja about Mila.

    @missvalentine: Congrats on the baby boy!

    @babyninja: Good choice to stay away from the wiki page!!

    @lo: Thanks for the positive thoughts! June 31st it is!!!

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    Hello! Thank you or the well-wishes for the gender reveal. It was perfect. My husband cut the cake and a tiny bit of pink icing was on the knife when he pulled it out... Much screaming ensued from our moms and sisters. This is our first girl, and we are very excited! We have already discussed so many names my head is spinning. The big brothers are excited as well. :-) Nicolas (4 yrs old) has suggested the name Hannah, and so that is floating at the top of the list right now. DH likes Aria. We'll see! There is plenty of time for us to change our minds 100 times. :-)
    @Roxanne, I too may have had vanishing twin syndrome. At 7 weeks. I say "may have" because the doctor never told me why I bled or what the second little sac was in the ultrasound, but really what else could it have been? I'm sorry you lost a little one. I also found information o. The Internet stressful. Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy!
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    Ariannew: Congrats on your baby girl! Maybe you could include both Hannah and Aria in her name.
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