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    I'm so sorry to tell you Cassandra makes me think of a prostitute. Alessandra is similar to Cassandra, but I don't have any negative thoughts when I think Alessandra.
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    @raqkel, you just made me literally Lol. My mom has a similar image, and I have been trying to sell her on the nn Cassie, Sandy, or Andi. Thanks for your honesty!

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    I love Ottilie's imagery! I know a stunning (Snow White indeed!) girl named Cassandra who gives me the image of marble and sleekness. So add that to Ottilie's description - love the name.
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    I have known two Cassandras well - both wonderful, really fond of them both. Both smart, engaging, attractive enough (both in a sort of intellectual way) and marching to the beat of their own drummer. So I think of them.

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    I have a mysterious ancestor named Cassandra (last name unknown). Before I knew of her, just associated it w/other lovely ancient names like Alexandra, Cassiopeia, Lysandra.

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