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    All great names. Interesting combos. But based on your other daughter's names, I think Ruby, Nora, Faye or Neve go best! Good luck!

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    I love your style! Tess and Kaia are super pretty and spunky. My favorites for their sister would be...

    Lark Evelyn - One of my childhood besties had a mom named Lark. She was the most gorgeous ethereal dancer... I have such strong positive connotations with the name. Evelyn isn't really my style.

    Luna Penelope - Luna Lovegood has to be one of my favorite characters ever. I love the look and sound of the name, unfortunately it's my ex-best friend's last name.

    Esme Coraline - Esme is slowly working its way up my list and Coraline is great.

    Anja Cecily - I love -ja endings (Katja, Kaja, Sonja, etc.) Anja is fun and spunky. I absolutely adore Cecily! I don't love the combo though.

    Sage Florence - I like Sage with your girls, but not Florence.

    Ivy Imogen - I used to adore Ivy, now I'm hearing it too often. Still, its a beautiful name. I think I'd prefer it as a middle name.

    Sela Margaret - love love love!

    Eden Amelia - Eden would be perfect with Tess and Kaia! I have a 6 year old cousin named Eden and she's the cutest little thing.

    Nora Beatrix - Another gorgeous one.

    Ruby Cordelia - spunky!

    Vera Lillian - I love love love Vera, it was my g-gma's name! My favorite combos with Vera in the first name slot are Vera Caroline and Vera Margot. Vera Lillian is pretty too. If I ever have another girl Cecily Vera is in my top 5.

    Etta Genevieve - I'm usually not a fan of Etta, but it's growing on me and Etta Genevieve is really cute!

    ** My favorite sib sets would be: Tess, Kaia and Lark -or- Tess, Kaia and Eden.
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    I like a whole lot of your combos, they are great!

    My favorites to go with your two other daughters are:

    Iris Matilda
    Elin Violet
    Ivy Imogen
    Ruby Cordelia
    Vera Lillian

    Good luck on deciding on a name!

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    I like a lot of the names so I'll narrow it down to my 5 favorites from your list.

    1. Ruby Cordelia
    2. Iris Matilda
    3. Nora Beatrix
    4. Luna Penelope
    5. Neve Charlotte

    The only name I don't really care for is Eden.

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    What a beautiful list!

    My favorites from your list are

    Esme Coraline
    Anja Cecily
    Sela Margaret
    Eden Amelia
    Etta Genevieve
    Iris Matilda
    Neve Charlotte

    Thanks for sharing!!!

    I'll share a few of mine too!

    Aurora Simone
    Francine Marguerite
    Lyla Annaliese
    Wilhelmina Josephine
    Evelyn Marie
    Daphne Joy
    Louisa Paige

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