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Thread: Cleo?

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    Hi all! Sorry for posting non-stop, but I really, really do love and appreciate your guys' input and feedback. I've been looking through all of the forums and lists on the site, trying to see all of my options before actually deciding on names for the babies! I recently found Cleo, and I have fallen in love with the name. Do you think if I named my daughter Cleo, would she constantly be hearing Cleopatra references? And do you guys think that the name would match with her siblings? Can Cleo stand alone? If not, what could it potentially be short for? Let me know what you all think!

    Edit: Thanks geeknamezyo for reminding me to post our other children's names!
    Matthew, Michael, Kylie, and Christopher are my step-children, and my four girls are Lucy, Catherine, Avery, and Grace.
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    I absolutely adore Cleo--it was one of the things I wanted to change my name to, back in the day, and has stayed on my list forever. You haven't posted your other kids'/stepkids' names in this thread, but having gone back and looked at your previous posts, I'd say no, it doesn't match with the others (except possibly Avery.) However, that doesn't matter in the real world as much as those of us on this site make it seem to matter, especially in such a big, blended family with so many different names already.
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    I love it!!

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    It's not really my style, and it sounds a bit awkward in my opinion, but if you love it then it's definitely usable

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    If I remember Avery and Grace are your children with your SO, yes I think Cleo works.
    I have Cleo on my list but C and K names are a bit if an issue so will likely not use it.
    Clio is pronounced the same.
    It could be short for Clothhilde, and her variations.
    Clo, short for Clover is a similar option?

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