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  • Lev (pronounced like lev in level)

    17 48.57%
  • Liev (pronounced lee-ev)

    18 51.43%
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    I understand you saying that you live in a Jewish community, but this doesn't mean your son won't move away. I have a good friend who is Mormon from Utah named Nephi. His family was from the countryside, and decided to give him a religious name... no one in Utah would ever mispronounce Nephi, pronounced like knee- f+eye... Ne-fi... He moved away from Utah, and gets called Nep-hee a lot. Lev is very intuitive, and easily pronounced (especially since a lot of students read Chaim Potok's "My Name is Asher Lev" in high school). While I think I'd guess Liev correctly, I could see many people butchering it. Lev is just a lot easier...
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    I love the name Ari, I even have it in my signature, but I would say it's the most common name in our area for boys and we plan on staying here as long as possible and raising a family here when the time comes. I would consider using it if my husband's cousin didn't just marry an Ari. Unfortunately we see them pretty regularly, so that coupled with all the little Ari's running around is sort of a deal breaker.

    Levi is a nice name, but far too common in general for what we're looking for, plus I would say it's the third most popular name around here.

    I did mention the issue of our son moving away and having trouble with pronunciation. I also pronounced your friend's name wrong at first glance. That's an interesting name. I've never hear it before, maybe because I live in the North-East.

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    I really like Liev. I'm actually debating between "Liev" and "Leo" as nicknames for a Lester IV (father goes by the middle name, so that option is out for us), so I'll be interested to hear what you guys decide on!

    I agree with a previous poster that "Liev" seems more familiar now thanks to Liev Schreiber.
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    I like Liev much more. Liev is very handsome and feels more substantial. Lev feels like a nickname to me--I think people will ask what Lev is short for, as much as Liev might be mispronounced.

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    I think Lev might be the way to go. It's short, easy to spell and pronounce, and has a similar meaning to Ari. Popularity is important to us, but not always a deciding factor, but the fact that it's not in the top 1000 is a plus. Liev has a little more zest to it, though there's always the possibility of annoyance down the road.

    What middle names would go with Lev or Liev? Our surname starts with a P and is two syllables. I'm thinking something longer in the middle for balance.
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