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    do your children look like you?

    I find it interesting to see what the baby looks like. I am very light mixed race with really dark brown eyes and my husband is blond and blue eyes. when i had my first girl every one assumed she would look more like me- because brown is the dominant gene and my boy has brown hair hazel eyes. She is nine now and still has blonde curly hair, pale skin and royal blue eyes.
    Both of them are absolutely gorgeous but every one is surprised to find out she is quarter Jamaican (her teacher even once asked if I was the mother 0.o)

    I wondered if your children look similar to both or only one parent or neither parent.

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    Persephone looks pretty much exactly like my husband. She looks like a copy of him when he was a baby. The only difference is that she got my black hair instead of his blond hair (which is brown now, but it was blond as a baby). She also got his green eyes instead of my brown ones. She looks pretty much exactly as I pictured her looking for the 9 months before she got here. ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I am curious about how our baby will look, too. I am white (with pale skin, light brown hair and hazel green eyes), and my husband is a quarter white, a quarter black and half south east asian (he looks almost Maori). We have no idea what to expect! Our niece (husband's brother's daughter) is a similar mix, and she looks predominantly south east asian, with straight dark brown hair and brown almond eyes. Genetics are a funny thing.
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    My daughter looks very much like me, and she's almost identical to how I looked at that age (she's a little bit over 4 months old). I've got brown hair, light olive skin and green eyes, Husband's got blonde hair, fair skin and blue eyes. Aphrodite has my hair and skin, her lips have the same shape as mine, but I think nose and eye shape belongs to Husband. And her eye colour is brown... Which belongs to neither of us, but comes from my grandmother.

    I thought she'd be blonde and blue eye like her daddy as most of our families has that colouring (both sides), but nope.
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    My daughter is a good mix of both my husband and I, but we are both blond haired, blue eyed with fair/pinkish skin, so of course the looks like both of us. When she was a baby she looked like my husband, and she still does but with my softer features. On any given day, different people could tell us she looks exactly like either one.

    We have a friend who is half Puerto Rican and half Japanese, and she married a blond haired blue eyed man, and her kids are split. Her son looks like he's a quarter Japanese, but her daughter has very light hair and does not look Japanese at all. It is a mixed bag when mixing races. It could really go either way!
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