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    Elizabeth Anna is a classic combo with depth and history. The other two combos are either too princess-y for my taste (Aurora Belle) or too descriptive (Scarlett Hollie).
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    I like the names Aurora, Scarlett, Elizabeth, and Anna. Hollie I'm not a fan of even spelled the traditional way, and Belle just always seems incomplete to me.

    What do you think of these combos:
    Aurora Ceres (I went with a Roman theme for this one, since besides being a Disney princess, Aurora is a name from Roman Mythology)
    Aurora Elizabeth Ceres
    Anna Elizabeth (I think the flow is better with the names swapped)
    Anna Elizabeth Salome (Biblical theme)
    Scarlett Ophelia (literary theme)
    Scarlett Isabel (threw in an elongated version of Belle)

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    My favorite is Aurora Belle.

    I also like Aurora Elizabeth, Scarlett Elizabeth, Elizabeth Holly, Aurora Isabelle.

    I dont think Aurora Belle is too disney princess, I think its cute.

    Best of luck.
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    My favorite is Elizabeth Anna. I quite like Aurora Belle and to me the Disney thing isn't overwhelming, but I also understand how it could be to others. My big concern with Aurora Belle is sadly, I kind of hear "horrible" in it a little bit. Scarlett Hollie is too literal for me - red being the color of Holly.

    Although I like Elizabeth Anna - strong historical figures, great names, the tie to your friend Anna - it does seem almost a little too plain and classic.

    I want to suggest Annabel to you for combining Anne Boleyn, your friend, and Belle, but I don't think the flow is great with some of the names here. Let me play around and suggest some combos for you.

    Aurora Hollie
    Aurora Hollie Belle
    Aurora Isabel(le) (I don't think the flow is perfect, but I do like it and Isabel ties to both Elizabeth and Belle)
    Aurora Scarlett Belle (I would not just do Aurora Scarlett because you might have an S surname or she might marry to someone who has one).
    Aurora Scarlett Isabel(le)
    Scarlett Annabel(le)
    Scarlett Isabel(le)
    Scarlett Isabel Hollie
    Scarlett Annabel(le) Hollie
    Elizabeth Scarlett
    Elizabeth Aurora
    Elizabeth Aurora Belle (I think with Aurora Belle as two middles, some of the concerns are milder)
    Elizabeth Hollie
    Elizabeth Hollie Anne

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    Aurora Belle gets my vote but they are all perfectly acceptable names.

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