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  • Jack August

    9 8.04%
  • Jack Hawthorne

    49 43.75%
  • August James

    24 21.43%
  • August Hawthorne

    7 6.25%
  • August Henry

    23 20.54%
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    Why would anyone say hay-thorn? a+w= or like saw! I like all of your combinations and cannot choose which to vote for.

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    I think your in-laws are just pronouncing it incorrectly. The 'w' helps create the soft -a sound (rhyming with moth) as opposed to the harder -a sound (rhyming with bath). I like Jack Hawthorne.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rachelc View Post
    My husband and I just had another name conversation and he told me that although he doesn't like August Henry as a combination, he really likes Jack Henry. I ADORE the name Henry and it would positively be my top choice for this baby's first name if my husband would agree. But he won't use it as a first name. So- if we use Henry in the middle name spot, then I could sometimes maybe call him Henry? Or at least Jack Henry together sometimes... Or do I use Hawthorne as a middle because it is more special and has the nature connection that I want? Henry is getting more popular and maybe Jack Henry just doesn't have the same wow factor that Jack Hawthorne has?
    When I was reading your post about another mn for Jack, I thought of Jack Henry! So I think Jack Henry is just perfect for you - Jack Henry is very handsome and to me, it does have a "wow" factor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tfzolghadr View Post
    August Henry is an amazing combo! Absolutely love it! It's strong and masculine, but also so modern. Jack just seems so blah in comparison. I already know so many baby Jacks that there is little charm left.
    This basically sums up my thoughts.
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    Thank you all for your help! We are 2 days away from meeting our little guy and our frontrunner is Jack. Either Jack Hawthorne or Jack Henry. August James is a distant third. It's tough because Jack doesn't feel like the "perfect" name to me but it feels more right than August does I think. And my husband will not consider any other possibilities outside of those two at this point. Our younger daughter's name Violet felt like the perfect name to me from day 1 of my pregnancy - I just loved her name so much and still do. I wish I could feel that way about this baby's name but maybe that is just how it goes when you have to compromise with someone else...
    Thank you again!!

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