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    it seems many of your names are just names a girl WOULD NOT WANT TO HAVE. think of how a little girl as well as a woman would feel calling herself some of these names

    favs & best suggestions are in bold:

    Adah Katherine - pronounced like Ada? stick to this spelling if used, i say dont, no flow
    Monroe Katherine - becoming a popular unisex name. plus reminds me of Marilyn and i cant understand the worlds love of her. yes she died young but she didnt seem like the best person.
    Sinclair Mary - sounds like a nun
    Edith Katherine "Edie" - just ok, becoming a popular 'old lady' resurgence name
    Sullivan Mary "Liv" - not a unisex name that really works for a girl, its like the other unisex names are too popular so you were stuck with this one because no one uses it...for good reason.
    Frances Katherine "Franny" - no girl wants this name
    Lennon Mary - to many famous people
    Poppy Katherine - no flow, Poppy just seems to nicknamey
    Cecily Katherine "Kit" - love, good flow, Kit is cute
    Afton Mary - sound like a truly all male name, no girl wants to grow up with it
    Flannery Katherine - no girl wants this name
    Nerissa Mary - reminds me of narcissistic and yet i prefer the name Narcissa.
    Euphemia Mary "Effie" - horrible sounding name
    Louisa Katherine "Lou" - just ok, Lou isnt that great but i guess its been done before
    Genevieve Mary "Evie" - popular but classical.
    Maude Katherine "Maudie" - try Maudlin or another variation. again no girl wants this name and very few can pull it off
    Saffron Mary "Saffy" - dont force nicknames, some names just dont create good ones. just call her Saffron
    Avocet Katherine - no femininity at all
    Zinnia Katherine "Zinn" - a flower name that seems picked because all the others are more popular, for good reason - again
    Sparrow Katherine - TRENDY
    Forsythia Mary - seems like an over flourished name
    Greer Katherine - to me this name is in the same category as Sloane - somehow they do work for a girl and feel feminine on them
    Guthrie Katherine - no girl wants this name
    Camellia Mary - reminds me of the English adulteress
    Vesper Katherine - TRENDY
    Rue Katherine - TRENDY, HUNGER GAMES
    Piper Katherine - okay, has a its 'been done already' vibe
    Romilly Katherine "Romy" or "Milly" - go with Romy or Milly instead or other origins of those nicknames, together this name doesnt flow within itself at all, it clashes
    Lilac Mary - not horrible, the obvious choice for those trying to get away from Violet and Lavander
    Remedios Mary "Remy" - REMEDIAL? DONT USE THIS. plus its a definiete boys name, no girl in here at all, not even Remy
    Sweeney Katherine - Todd? THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET? again if you were a girl would you want this name? NO
    Hero Katherine - you are trying waaay to hard
    Alba Katherine - Jessica Alba. but not the worst on your list
    Ophelia Katherine - pretty popular

    Narrowed Down To:
    Cecily - try Thessaly
    Romy - actually a diminutive of Rosemary > Rosalind,Rosalyn, Rosalie, Rosario
    Millie - Matilda, Mila, Melisende

    Major Suggestions: SLOANE may help find a compromise between you and your husband & MAUDLIN gives a major face lift while still keeping an olden charm

    Katherine Alternatives - plenty of none crazy spelling choices to pick from and a very internationals that deserve a look
    -sometimes all you need is a -lina or -rina to help the flow of a name
    Cataline, Catarine, Cathaleen, Catharina, Cathelina, Cathleen, Katherina, Katarina, Katelle, Katchen

    Mary Alternatives
    -again sometimes an -en or -anna really helps lol
    Marie, Mair, Mal (Leo's wife in Inception had this name! sounded more like Maul but i liked it) Maren, Mariam, Marian (Robin Hood), Mariana, Maridel, Marla, Marlo, Marissa, Maurene, Merrill, Millie, Molly, Moira - Wendy Darling's middle

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    Quote Originally Posted by orphanedhanyou View Post

    Major Suggestions: SLOANE may help find a compromise between you and your husband & MAUDLIN gives a major face lift while still keeping an olden charm

    Um, Maudlin means "Self-pityingly or tearfully sentimental, often through drunkenness" so I doubt that will be getting any traction. But I'll suggest Sloane, which I don't mind. Thanks for the feedback.

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    Adah Katherine - Very cute. I prefer Ada without the H, but if the H makes your husband feel better about Ada, then use the H.
    Monroe Katherine - Katherine Monroe is better.
    Sinclair Mary - Cute and different! I like it. A little preppy.
    Edith Katherine "Edie" - Edie is very cute, but I have a hard time imagining an 8 year old named Edith enjoying her name.
    Sullivan Mary "Liv" - Very creative, but not cute. She would probably get picked on.
    Frances Katherine "Franny" - Fran would be a better nickname.
    Lennon Mary - Cute
    Poppy Katherine - Very cute and preppy
    Cecily Katherine "Kit" - I like it a lot
    Afton Mary - No way. ever.
    Flannery Katherine - No
    Nerissa Mary - Kind of cute
    Euphemia Mary "Effie" - No
    Louisa Katherine "Lou" - Lovely
    Genevieve Mary "Evie" - Very usable and likeable
    Maude Katherine "Maudie" - I prefer Maeve
    Saffron Mary "Saffy" - Very very cute and different
    Avocet Katherine - No
    Zinnia Katherine "Zinn" - Cute
    Sparrow Katherine - I like it, but it's hard to imagine a Dr. Sparrow Katherine
    Forsythia Mary - No
    Greer Katherine - never been a fan of Greer
    Guthrie Katherine - NO
    Camellia Mary (I like Millie, he likes Cam...sigh). - You call her Millie and he can call her Cam
    Vesper Katherine - no
    Rue Katherine - CUTE
    Piper Katherine - Kind of over done
    Romilly Katherine "Romy" or "Milly" - VERY much like
    Lilac Mary - cute
    Remedios Mary "Remy" - no
    Sweeney Katherine - NO NO NO
    Hero Katherine - LOVE IT, but she would get picked on
    Alba Katherine - Like it
    Current Favorites:
    Elizabeth Lily nn Ellie
    Mary Emmeline nn Maisie
    Sarah Evangeline nn Sadie

    Nathaniel nn Nate

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    These have wonderful flow. My faves are bolded. The trouble with using a surname with Mary as a mn is that often the combos are better switched around (Mary Sinclair and Mary Lennon look and sound better to me). FYI- Harper is already the TRENDIEST name (mostly for girls).

    Adah Katherine
    Monroe Katherine
    Edith Katherine
    Poppy Katherine
    Cecily Katherine
    Afton Mary
    Louisa Katherine "Lou"
    Maude Katherine
    Saffron Mary
    Zinnia Katherine
    Piper Katherine
    Romilly Katherine
    Lilac Mary
    Alba Katherine
    Ophelia Katherine
    All the best,

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    My top 5 would have to be:
    Greer Katherine *love this one!
    Piper Katherine
    Cecily Katherine
    Camellia Mary
    Rue Katherine

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