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    Smile Why can't I think of a name for my third daughter?

    We need a name for our third child. We are expecting a girl. My other daughters are named Layla Evangeline and Elyse Rose. Our last name starts with an S. Any suggestion would be so appreciated. So far I like:

    Sloane Julianna (i love this but I'm nervous about the negative connotations it has associated with it - Sloane Rangers in the UK. And it doesn't sound as feminine as my other daughters names, but I still love it )

    seriously, that's all i have.


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    ive never heard of that term but wikipedia says: "Initially the term "Sloane Ranger" was used mostly in reference to women, a particular archetype being Diana, Princess of Wales."

    dont think Diana is a negative connotation at all! i think the only similar situation in the US would be 'Valley Girl' names that have a connotation of the snobby, rich girl from the 90's lol, but even those names are coming around and getting a fresh start.

    Sloane is lovely, not a especially feminine sound, but on a girl is just exudes femininity somehow. paired with Julianna it gives off a wonderful aura. some people dont like alliterating the first & last name, but sometimes it just works - i dont really mind it. S never seems to be one of the bad sing-songy alliterations.

    plus i happen to think it fits well with Layla and Elyse rather well, which yes are more feminine, but not overtly. like Sloane they are more coy and covert.

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    Instead of long and girly how about short and sweet?

    Sloane Wren
    Sloane Bree
    Sloane Lark
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