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    38 weeks pregnant and we don't love any names

    I'm due in 2 weeks with my first child - gender unknown. My boyfriend and I have agonised over names since I found out, but neither of us can find any that we love. At first, he wasn't interested, so we looked through baby name books and lurked on websites like Nameberry in hope of finding a name that I wanted to use. My top names were Viola and Maximilian for a while, but my boyfriend hates them both. He's never had any favourites and has never really thought about what his favourite names were, so this was a first for him. He says that he doesn't like unisex names or popular names, and he likes classic names. This is what I like too, but so far, we haven't found a single one that we love.

    We don't have very good relationships with most of our family (we don't see them very often and I don't get on with most of mine, and my boyfriend has a very small family that he doesn't get on well with) so I don't want to honour any of them. We also really don't like popular names (we live in England), we just want people to find our baby's name interesting. If we went for something really popular, people would think "oh, another one" and I don't want that. I also grew up with a super popular name (it was top 10 for the year I was born) and I hated how almost every other girl had the same name as me.

    How do we go about finding a name for this baby? I want to be able to name the baby straight away - I don't want to have a nameless baby for several days.

    Just for more ideas of names I like, but I don't love, and my boyfriend doesn't like either:
    - Ari, Ezra, Otto, Simon
    - Alice, June, Lillian, Marlowe
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