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Thread: Alexavier?????

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    Well, I am among the few, but I like it. A lot better than some of the other made up names and squish combos.
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    I actually groaned when I saw this. I know someone who used Alexavier, and it has made me shudder and cringe ever since I saw the birth announcement. I am not a fan of smoosh names in general, though occasionally you do see one that works, but this is not one of them. It's the male equivalent of Reneesme. I feel like the next step from these tritely-joined mashups are things like Masonoah, Barnabythan, and Aidaniel. :-P

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    Quote Originally Posted by vanessaelless View Post
    I could deal with Alec Xavier Surname, otherwise I'm struggling.
    Agreed! Otherwise, I'm not a fan. Alexander Xavier or Xavier Alexander is nice enough. Very few "smooshes" work, IMO.

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    I'm with vanessaelless - Alec Xavier Surname, but I'm not a fan of Alexavier.


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    It's certainly not the worst combination I've heard but I much prefer them as separate entities. Alexander and Xavier are perfectly good names on their own.
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