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    Guessing the rest of our kids will have blonde & blue eyes like my daughter has. Possibly green eyes if they take after my mother, and maybe red hair as there are a bunch of gingers in our families.

    ETA: Our daughter looks exactly like I imagined her to look. She looks like my hubs and I (we look similar, so its hard to tell what features she got from whom). All I know is that where I'm short (just around 5') she is going to be tall like my hubs' side. She has long fingers & toes & is really lanky already.
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    Our first child completely surprised us by coming out blonde with bright blue eyes. My husband has medium brown hair and dark brown eyes (kind of a chestnut color) and I have dark hair and dark hazel eyes. We were so surprised we changed her name on the spot. The entire pregnancy we had been planning to name her Rya but when I looked at her it just didn't fit and we ended up naming her Elliana (Ellie). Now we're expecting baby #2 in December and I feel like I'll be surprised if he/she comes out looking like big sister or with dark features like mine and my husband's. I know that she is the result of a strange mix of heritages and traits. My dad has blue eyes the same color as Ellie's an his mom has the same blue eyes. But I also know that there's genes for blue eyes on my mom's side despite the fact that she is dark and Hispanic because my cousin also had a daughter with blue eyes. On my husbands side his father has brown eyes and his mother has hazel.
    Other than hair and eye color our first looks exactly like her dad. Same exact features and expressions the only thing she got from me was my big eyes.
    I can't wait to see what the next baby will look like. Part of me hopes baby#2 will look more like me but I also love seeing my husband in my daughter's face. Also excited to find out baby's gender next week! I've been counting down the days for weeks.

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    I have brown hair, green eyes, and super pasty skin. My ex has brown hair, brown eyes, and generally has a light tan. Our daughter is blonde (although she is 19 months old, so maybe that will change?) with blue eyes (like both of her grandmothers). The blonde thing threw me for a huge loop. Neither of us was blond as a child. She has my nose and mouth. She is pale but rosy-cheeked, which isn't really either of us.

    It's weird, because I always felt like she would have blue eyes, even though it was statistically unlikely. But then I also thought that she was a boy, so clearly my predictive abilities need some work.
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    I was a dark honey blond as a kid, and brunette with auburnish lights to it now. Eyes blue until I was more than two, then turned green. And I'm very short, 5'0" and pretty average for my family as we're nearly all short, out to third cousins.

    My husband has dark brown hair, and his eyes were hazel into his teens, green/brown, but by the time I met him at 20 they were quite gray and are still gray. And he's about 6'3" and from a family of very tall people.

    I imagine our child will, boy or girl, be taller than me. I picture light eyes, sometimes I visualize green or hazel green, and sometimes blue or gray. I picture dark hair, no lighter than fawn brown at the most. I don't picture blond or red from the two of us. I hope that they're tall. My husband's soft gray eyes and my crazy-thick wavy hair would be an interesting combo.

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    Well everything could change since my daughter is only three weeks old, but so far she is my clone when it comes to facial features and dark hair. She has her dad's feet exactly. Her eye color at this point isn't DH's light blue/gray or my hazel, but her maternal grandfather's dark blue...we'll see where it ends up.
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