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    What do you think your kids will look like?

    Hey, everyone!

    I've thought about this quite a bit, because I have straight blonde hair and blue eyes with fair skin, and my husband has very dark brown (almost black) curly hair with green eyes and freckles. While I'm assuming that most/all of our kids will have my husband's features, since mine are recessive, I think a little blonde haired, green-eyed girl or a dark haired blue-eyed boy would be so cute.

    Of course I'm sure whatever they look like I will think they're adorable, but my question is this: If you don't have any children yet, what do you think they'll look like, and if you do have kids, do they look similar to what you expected?

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    I don't have any kids yet but I will adore to look like me lol. I have straight light brown hair with natural blonde highlights, very pale skin and grey-emerald eyes. Of course I would be thrilled to look like my BF who has curly bronze hair and blue eyes. I think a lil boy with my BF hair and my eyes will be soooo damn cute. But I will think they are gorgeous whatever they look like.I just wish they don't have brown or black eyes but whatever lol.
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    I was quite surprised when my daughter was born, because she looked so different than what I'd imagined! I had very dark, straight hair as a baby, as did my brother, parents, etc, and those were the baby photos I was used to seeing, so I just envisioned my baby with dark hair, too. Instead she has red curls! She's the spitting image of my husband and gets constant compliments from strangers on her hair. I was correct in assuming she'd have blue eyes, though.

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    Well, I have straight brown hair and green eyes. DH has straight brown hair and brown eyes. So, I am pretty sure our little one will have dark hair and eyes as well.
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    Genetics are funny things. My two boys have my big dark brown eyes but they don't have my dark straight hair they have dirty blonde curls they have light complexions while I have olive skin. This baby I picture with dark hair like me and hazel greenish eyes with light complexion and freckles like me. But who knows.

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