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    Celeste is my favorite. I like Vivien spelled either Vivien or Vivienne.

    good luck.

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    These are all lovely names but it totally depends on your surname. Since I'm clueless to that fact, I'll just list my faves in order of preference.

    1 Louisa - elegant and ladylike with a literary pedigree
    2 Celeste - soft and ethereal
    3 Vivian - strong and sassy
    All the best,

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    Well Vivienne is my favorite, favorite girl name of all right now, so I'm a little biased in saying thats my faavorite. I prefer the french spelling, as I feel it gives the name a softer touch. Vivian, is of course nice, and the sound of the name is of course what matters most, but thats just something to consider.

    I wish I could like the name Celeste, but its a type of box pizza and so I cant help but think of that association with the name, so I cant say much to help you on this one.

    Louisa I think is better suited as a middle name than as a first name, but I still love it. It reminds me of the sounds of music, which I LOVE, so nothing wrong with that association!

    Good Luck!

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    Louisa, definitely! It's one of my favorite names. It's got literary ties, vintage flair, and a super cute nickname, Lulu. Celeste would go well in the middle. Louisa Celeste. Beautiful!

    I'm not against Vivian, I just feel like everyone on Nameberry likes it, and I could see it getting really popular in like 5 years.
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    I absolutely love Louisa! Vivian and Celeste are nice, too, but Louisa is so gorgeous!
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