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    I like Barnaby James and Bertram John.

    I really do NOT like: Ivo (I can't stand this name), Toussaint, Worthy, Zevron (Chevron? Like the gas company?), Tennyson, Thackarey, Jolyon, Tarquin, Copeland, Asa, Cabot (reminds me of cabbage), Finch, Fenwick, Macabee...
    Always changing...
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    Reed Nicholas
    Aubyn James (family name)
    Barnaby James
    Theodore James "Teddy"
    Atticus John
    Bertram John
    Tristram James
    Zevon James*(rhymes with*Devon)
    Peregrine James Have you considered Pen/Penn as a nn for this?

    These are my favourites for sure! The others seem like they would be difficult for most people to spell/pronounce and they would be a but of a mouthful for kids!
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    I always thought Ivo was pronounced EE-vo. I've known an Ivo who pronounced it that way.
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    Here are my first impressions of your names. It is an awesome list! Very creative.

    Ivo Nicholas---- I like Ivo. kinda cool sounding
    Toussaint James--- not a fan. I think it would be mouthful for kids to say
    Reed Nicholas--- I knew a kid named Reed. He was a jerk. so I just haven't liked the name since. Also it is my sisters' maiden name. So I also see it as a last name
    Aubyn James--- I love family names!!!
    Cabot James-- reminds me of the explorer.
    Asa Nicholas--- feels like a girls name to me.
    Barnaby James--- could be cute.
    Theodore James "Teddy"--- Love it
    Atticus John-- I kind of feel like the whole TKAM is over played. I love the name thought. maybe Scout?
    Bertram John-- I like it
    Tristram James---odd.. looks like a mishmash of names of Tristan and bertram
    Zevon James (rhymes with Devon)-- odd
    Finch Nicholas---ok
    Tennyson James "Ten" or "Tenny"--- cool!
    Thackeray John (rhymes with Zachary)--- also very cool
    Jolyon Nicholas (JOLE-ion)--- not a fan.
    Ambrose John --- very suited for a dude that is owner of a company
    Peregrine James--- like it! also might be hard to say for kids. Love the nickname
    Orlando James "Orly"-- not a fan but I like Orly or Orla for a girl
    Worthy James (family name)--- nice. maybe James Worthy though
    Tarquin James--- there was a character in a book with this name. he was kind of a villain. so not a fan
    Copeland James (family name)---- LOVE IT
    Pryor James--- ehh
    Tavish John--- Kinda cool. I feel like he would be an action star or something.
    Fenwick James "Fen" (family name)--- cool
    Hawthorne/Hawthorn James (I like it without the E, dh likes it with)---ehh
    Macabee James (family name)---Macabee is kinda cool. different. maybe for a middle
    Banyan James--I don't like this one
    Wyeth James---ehh
    Sparrow John-- captain jack!
    Rushdie James --- idk

    like I said before; awesome names!

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    I like Hawthorne

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