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    3 weeks away, and needing advice... Ada, Ruby, Samara, Lydia?

    Hi all,

    Long story, but the name we decided on for our baby girl (due in 3 weeks) was just taken off the table due to some extended family drama. We are now in crunch time and looking to settle on a name.

    Our last name is similar to Presman, and her middle name will be my maiden name, which is similar to Oslin. We're also Jewish and would love a name with some Hebrew/Jewish connection, but it's not crucial and not all of our choices fit that bill.

    Our contenders are:

    Ada (Love it for how classic and simple it is, but really don't like the name Ava, and wonder if ppl will always think that's her name. Has Hebrew roots.)
    Ruby (Love it, but wonder if it's too cutesy and/or too trendy? We live in the Boston area. Not Jewishly connected per-se, but popular among Jewish immigrants in the early 20th century, so it's sort of connected.)
    Samara (Simon was a family name, so there is a connection there. Simone isn't a possibility for us, so this would be as close as we could get. This one is Hebrew and means "protected by God".)
    Lydia (Just think it's really pretty, and Liddy is such a cute nickname, but no Hebrew connection.)

    Would love any feedback if you have a minute to share.
    Thanks in advance!

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    I think that your front-runner should definitely be Ada. I'm with you in terms of loving Ada but not liking Ava. The strong phonetics of the "d" makes them easy to tell apart, in my opinion. Ada to me is smart, fun, ageless and full of character. It has my vote!

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    I really love Ada or Ruby!

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    Ada or Ruby.

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    For the reasons you gave for how you're deciding on a name...I vote for Ada or Ruby as well.

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